Xrixix Makes A Comeback With New Album ‘Night Rider’ Days After

Musical artist Xrixix has announced his comeback with a powerful video on social media and shared that he is all set to drop a new album titled ‘Night Rider’. Xrixix took to Instagram, where he shared a video. The clip features made-up newspaper clippings with his picture and headlines such as “Where is Xrixix?” and “Will he be able to make music?”.

In the backdrop, Xrixix is heard saying in Hindi: ‘They thought I will not return. Won’t be able to make music. But your love made me make a comeback… ‘Night Rider’, is a new album and a new version just for you. Are you ready?”

At the same time, his fans were also missing Xrixix, who had been away from the limelight for a long time. After making a remix of DMX’x song ‘Lord Give Me A Sign’ he got a separate fan base across the internet. Fans are also looking very excited after the announcement of Xrixix’s new album Night Rider. Xrixix shared a 30 secongds clip on his Instagram handle and People on social media have also appealed to Xrixix to launch new songs soon. Now Xrixix is once again in the news about his ‘Night Rider’ album.

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