Wordle 431: August 24, 2022 Hints & Answer

August 24th’s Wordle answer consists of repeating vowels that can throw players off. However, the answer can be solved easily using the harder mode.

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August 24th’s Wordle solution might stump many players as it features a double letter that can be missed easily even though both letters are vowels. Therefore, players have to be mindful that they do not waste any of their attempts trying to figure out today’s answer, as it could cost them their streak. This is why using strategic starting words that feature vowels or consonants is the best way to identify some of the confirmed letters. However, after players discover the correct position of a few letters, they will have a tough time guessing the repeating letter from today’s Wordle answer.


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The best strategy to solve today’s answer is using Wordle‘s harder mode. Since there is a repeating letter in today’s solution, this mode will prevent players from wasting attempts at random guesses. In addition, the more challenging mode does not let players use confirmed letters in different spots, which could help players figure out the position of the repeating letter. However, not everyone has the time to play the harder mode, which is why many players prefer using hints that gives them a better idea about today’s Wordle answer. Therefore, the three hints below do not spoil the answer for players so that players can still attempt today’s Wordle answer with better-informed guesses.

Today’s Wordle Hints (August 24th #431)

If players have played crossword puzzles or other vocabulary games before, they will be able to use some of the clues below. Hopefully, these clues might be enough for players to guess the correct answer in less than six attempts and keep their streaks alive. While some Wordle players might consider using clues as cheating, many feel it makes things more interesting.

  • Hint 1: a person or pet desperate to receive attention or affection.
  • Hint 2: marked by want of affection, attention, or emotional support
  • Hint 3: As a puppy, he was extremely _____. (Fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (August 24th #431)

The August 23rd Wordle answer is NEEDY.

NEEDY is often used to describe children or pets that want unusual amounts of affection or attention. The word can also be used to characterize circumstances, for example, “those from needy backgrounds.” When trying to figure out the solution, a lucky guess was able to identify the repeating vowels from today’s Wordle answer. The word ‘BLEED’ was able to show the repeating letter, albeit one of them was in the wrong position. However, it did show three letters from today’s Wordle answer, and the word NEEDY was solved on the third attempt.

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