Why The Family Chantel Fans Think Pedro Has No Claim To Shared House

While Chantel and Pedro Jimeno go through their messy divorce, many The Family Chantel fans believe that Chantel is entitled to keep their home.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno’s divorce has been filled with many opinions from The Family Chantel fans, and one thing viewers are saying is that Pedro is not entitled to enter the home he used to live in with Chantel. The former 90 Day Fiancé couple was living together in a newly purchased home when Pedro decided he wanted a separation and then a divorce. Pedro surprised Chantel by suddenly moving out with a U-Haul, which has led to The Family Chantel fans declaring that he forfeited claims to the home.


Pedro and Chantel’s messy divorce finished airing on TLC when The Family Chantel season 4 recently concluded, but many viewers are still very invested in their relationship fallout. Chantel and Pedro were a staple couple in the franchise, and viewers were shocked and disappointed to see how much Pedro changed and how cruel he became. Many viewers celebrated Chantel’s family for standing up for her, especially her mother, Karen Everett, and her brother Riverknight Everett when they refused to let Pedro ambush her in her home after he moved out on his own volition and Chantel decided to change the locks.

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Many The Family Chantel season 4 viewers believe that Pedro is grossly out of line, especially when it comes to him thinking he can enter the home whenever he wants to after he chose to stop living there and while it is still Chantel’s residence. Reddit user u/Repulsive-Kick-46 shared a post, “When you jump the gun and lose everything,” claiming that Pedro had abandoned his property by moving out and should contact his lawyer because he should have no say over the house. Many commenters bashed Pedro for his cocky attitude and entitlement and agreed that he shouldn’t be allowed to freely use the home. “He thought he was really slick waking her up to a moving truck in the driveway,” u/Jesustake_thewheel wrote.

Many The Family Chantel season 4 viewers called Pedro out for his purposeful cruelty in how he handled the split, which has led to fans hoping to see Pedro lose big in the divorce. “Po thang…tried to play the game but didn’t have the instructions…u/sanjidude wrote. Viewers were overall thrilled that Karen and Riverknight shut Pedro down when he tried to come to the house, as he appeared eager to once again hurt Chantel. “Funniest part was family Chantel posted up in the house with Karen collecting the message through the window. What a lame excuse for Pedro to show up to harass Chantel. Boy bye,u/joloks wrote.

Overall, most The Family Chantel fans are unfamiliar with how the laws in Georgia operate. There is a good chance that Pedro and Chantel will have to split half of their assets, though viewers don’t know what agreements they signed or how they have their assets divided. However, many viewers agree that the way Pedro is acting is unacceptable. They are outraged that he is denying Chantel the space to heal and move on. Since Pedro chose to move out of the home and get his own apartment, likely with money from their shared account, many The Family Chantel fans believe Pedro should not freely use the home he lived in with Chantel since he chose to reside elsewhere.

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