Why Teen Wolf’s Best-Rated Episode Is Season 6’s “Radio Silence”

Teen Wolf‘s best-rated episode on IMDb is the season 6 episode “Radio Silence” for a number of subtle yet undeniably compelling reasons. Season 6 was Teen Wolf‘s final outing before it was announced that there would be a Teen Wolf revival movie. Teen Wolf season 6 had to overcome quite a few obstacles, most notably Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) absence for most of the season. Nevertheless, Teen Wolf persevered, producing a season that provided each character with closure, as well as some terrifying moments as Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack tried to unravel the mystery of the Wild Hunt and deal with an army of hunters. In a season stuffed with highlights, however, “Radio Silence” stands apart from the rest.


“Radio Silence” is the fifth episode of Teen Wolf season 6, and explains what happened to Stiles after being taken by the Ghost Riders. In Teen Wolf‘s lore, the Ghost Riders come to steal people away, erasing their existence and forcing everyone left behind to forget they ever knew them. “Radio Silence” turned its attention to Stiles and unlikely ally Peter Hale (Ian Bohen), both stuck in an illusory train station. One of the reasons Teen Wolf season 6 works so well is because the supernatural threat this time around gave the show’s characters a chance to prove how deep their bonds are, and “Radio Silence” exemplifies this like few other Teen Wolf episodes, which is reflected in its score of 9.4 on IMDb.

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The character work at play in “Radio Silence” is particularly noteworthy, especially the dynamic between Stiles and Peter, as well as Lydia’s (Holland Roden) insistence that Stiles exists. In the end, all these elements come together to provide one of the most cathartic final scenes of any Teen Wolf episode, as both the audience and the characters breathe a sigh of relief when Stiles is finally remembered. Lydia’s devotion to finding Stiles never wavered, and Scott remembered his best friend as soon as he heard his voice. Stiles’ ingenuity is on full display in this episode too, and even Peter gets a chance at redemption, his love for his daughter overriding his overwhelming self-preservation instincts. Despite the emotional aspects of this episode, it also never wavers in its quest for suspense, and each time the Ghost Riders come back to the station the audience is left wondering whether anyone will make it out alive. It’s a careful balancing act between plot and character, one that is undeniably successful.

Which Teen Wolf Season Was The Best?

Despite Teen Wolf season 6 having the highest-rated episode of the entire series, according to its average IMDb score, it isn’t the best season of the show. Season 6 averages a score of 8.47, while season 5 averages an 8.45, season 4 has an average of 8.5, Teen Wolf season 3 has an average score of 8.78, season 2 an average score of 8.47, and Teen Wolf‘s first season has an average score of 8.08. According to IMDb’s users, Teen Wolf‘s third season is the show’s best, a consensus which is reflected in the fact that Teen Wolf season 3 has the highest number of episodes rated 9 or above (seven in total).

Proof that season 3 is Teen Wolf‘s best doesn’t just lie in its IMDb scores, however. Season 3 also contains some of the show’s best acting work, particularly from Dylan O’Brien when possessed by the Nogitsune, as well as providing some genuinely terrifying moments – the entirety of the episode “Motel California” comes to mind, which plays with the characters’ safety as each werewolf in the motel succumbs to their insecurities. Teen Wolf season 3 also introduced some beloved new characters in Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) and Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig), while forcing audiences to grieve over one of Teen Wolf‘s main characters, Alison Argent (Crystal Reed). Teen Wolf season 3 encompasses everything that makes the show great – true friendships, characters falling in love, dashes of horror, humor, and mountains of character development, most notably Scott’s transition from a Beta to a True Alpha. Ultimately, season 3 was the pinnacle of what Teen Wolf could be, fully leaning into its core premise while never forgetting the importance of character development and relationships.

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