Why RHOBH Fans Think That Mauricio & PK Aren’t Likable Anymore

Mauricio and PK are under fire from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans upset with their response to Erika scolding Garcelle’s son.

Mauricio Umansky and PK Kemsley are receiving backlash from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans upset with them laughing with their wives about Erika Jayne scolding Garcelle Beauvais’s son. The latest episode sparked outrage ahead of its air date after preview clips revealed some of the ladies’ drunken antics at Garcelle’s birthday party. Erika was the most “lit” and seemingly took out her aggression on Garcelle and her sons. After barking at Garcelle about her upset over Denise Richards skipping her party, Erika went on to flirt with Garcelle’s eldest son and cuss out one of her younger sons. If that wasn’t bad enough, after the party, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley laughed about Erika’s behavior with their husbands.


A preview clip showed Kyle recalling Erika telling Garcelle‘s 14-year-old son Jax to “f**k off” and noting how “it’s not funny but it is funny.” Mauricio responds to his wife and expressed his support. “I think it’s great that she did that,” he said while breaking out in laughter. Kyle goes on to share how happy she is to finally see a more “relaxed” side of Erika despite it coming at the expense of a teenage boy who only walked over to Erika’s table to collect the flowers leftover from his mom’s birthday party. Dorit and PK agree with Kyle and Mauricio with Dorit noting why she is giving Erika a “major pass” for disrespecting a child because she was so “loose and free.” PK ends the disturbing discussion by saying Erika is “entitled to a blow out” consisting of telling “Garcelle’s younger to ‘f**k off’ and then the next one you try to bang him,‘” he said with a laugh.

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Once the preview clip was shared online, fans wasted no time blasting the two couples, along with Erika. Reddit user u/riabe started a discussion explaining why the RHOBH husbands “have lost all of their likability and charm.” According to the viewer, “Mauricio has lost all his charm and PK never had any.” They recalled PK’s early scandals on the show that included facing criticism after looking up a woman’s dress. But when it comes to Mauricio, he’s always done a good job at coming off charming when onscreen. After witnessing their cold response to a teenage boy being verbally assaulted by a grown woman, viewers have changed their perception of Kyle’s husband. “If anyone had gone after one of Mauricio’s daughters or either of PKs kids trust me sitting around laughing about it would have been unthinkable,” the Redditor said.

A split image of PK and Mauricio teasing each other and hugging off-set of RHOBH

Others called the behavior “disgusting” and “dark” and questioned why the two couples found Erika’s intoxicated and disturbing behavior to Garcelle’s children to be comedic relief. Kyle, Dorit, and Erika have also been under fire across social media from upset fans demanding for one or all of them to be removed. The latest backlash comes one week after Lisa Rinna faced backlash after defending the predominantly white cast from feuding with Garcelle and telling upset viewers to go watch The Real Housewives of Dubai if they feel a way. The shady remark seemingly suggested that if RHOBH fans want to see more diversity then go watch the newest franchise whose cast consists primarily of women of color.

Elsewhere, Diana Jenkins was called out for a shady Instagram post aimed at Garcelle, where she scolded her about donating to countries like Haiti and Congo. The latest criticism facing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast stems from issues of racism, diversity, and microaggressions. It’s an ongoing issue plaguing many of the shows on Bravo. The network has taken action against many controversial show stars who got caught up in racially insensitive scandals. But many are wondering if action will be taken against the veteran housewives in Beverly Hills, especially the reigning OG couple Kyle and Mauricio.

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Source: u/riabe/Reddit

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