Why Fans Can’t Stop Wishing For Seeking Sister Wife Season 5

Seeking Sister Wife season 4 is over, and fans are hoping that season 5 is on the way. There are good reasons why they want the series to return.

Seeking Sister Wife season 4 is complete, and fans are hoping that the show returns to their screens with season 5. SSW follows polygamous couples as they try to expand their families, and it’s garnered quite a following. The reality TV series has showcased several dramatic ups and downs, with the Merrifields and other famous clans. ​​After four seasons, the show is definitely a fan favorite.

The series has seen a number of families over the years, and has become a staple for TLC viewers. The previous Seeking Sister Wife season saw the addition of three more clans. The returning family, the Merrifields, had a potential sister wife, and the Davis family added a female spouse by the season finale. Previous seasons have taken the audience on exciting roller coaster rides, and even sparked a controversy that seemed to threaten the future of Seeking Sister Wife.


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According to Distractify, TLC hasn’t released an official statement about season 5 of the show. However, fans have commented that they would like to see the series return for a fifth season. A new season could revisit the loose ends from the fourth installment’s finale, and also introduce new families. The show is widely considered to be among the top ten shows on TLC. It was reported to have averaged about 600,000 views per episode during its last season. The series’ ratings seem consistent enough to give fans hope that another installment will be filmed. TLC may have not given the show the green light, but it doesn’t seem like Seeking Sister Wife is getting canceled either, as this would leave a noticeable void in the network’s Monday programming.

TLC Fans Would Like To Meet New Seeking Sister Wife Couples

There are a lot of things that Seeking Sister Wife fans want to know about the various families. Some viewers even suggest that there might be space for a new couple or two. It seems like Sidian and Tosha Jones are getting a K-1 visa for their potential sister wife, Arielle Jazmine Roque. She is a Philippines native, and fans think that the family could easily get transferred to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, which airs on TLC and the Discovery+ streaming platform. This opens up space for at least one new couple in a potential season 5. Meanwhile, the Davis family seems to have won viewers’ hearts. Everyone wants to know if they will keep expanding, and how well their house suits them.

This is not the first time that there has been uncertainty over a Seeking Sister Wife season. Season 4 almost got scrapped due to pressure from some fans, over the Snowden scandal. TLC has quite a long history of airing popular dating reality TV series. So, fans may get their wish, and be able to enjoy another SSW season, but only time will tell.

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