Which The Sandman Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

One of the most watched TV shows in the last month, The Sandman is already a major success. Still, Netflix decided to surprise the audience with a bonus episode that can already be streamed on the platform. Fans couldn’t be more excited, since the episode expands an already rich and engaging cosmology.

Fans of Neil Gaiman know this author has the ability to create some of the most interesting characters in popular culture and Netflix’s adaptation did a masterful job translating them to TV. From powerful and ineffable beings to quotidian and relatable people, The Sandman has a wide variety of characters and each of them perfectly fits a zodiac sign.


12 Aries – Lucifer

Aries are known for their competitive nature and their thirst for leadership. People from this sign love to prove themselves and to show the world how strong they are. However, they can also be impatient and impulsive, which can make them a bit unreliable.

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People from this sign could relate to Lucifer Morningstar, a being who defied God and created their own realm to declare war on this superior being. In spite of their flaws, there’s no denying how persevering and ambitious this character is, who is now set on going after Morpheus.

11 Taurus – Hob Gadling

Taureans are sensible down-to-earth people who focus more on the practical side of things than on the theoretical. They prefer stability above anything else, and it can be really hard to change their minds about an idea, making them one of the most stubborn signs.

Even though Hob has had a roller coaster of life in the first few centuries since he was born, eventually he chooses a peaceful and stable life as a professor. Morpheus believes immortality is going to make Hob question life’s value, but it makes him value it more, which demonstrates Taurus’ head-strong nature.

10 Gemini – Matthew

Because of Gemini’s dual nature, they’re able to adapt easily to any environment. They’re also very intelligent beings with a great capacity to master oratory skills. Although sometimes they can be unreliable, they put their heart into everything they do.

Matthew perfectly fits the description of a Gemini. He’s the product of two very different worlds, but the raven finds a way to adapt to his new body, becoming a powerful and wise ally to Morpheus.

9 Cancer – Ethel Cripps

Cancerians sometimes may seem like contradictory people, but in actuality, they seek stability and sincerity. This sensitive sign tends to be a dreamer, and they care about their loved ones more than anyone.

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Ethel may have done a lot of wrong things during her time, but her deep love for her son never faltered. Even though John blames her for everything bad in his life, all she did was try to protect him in the fierce way people born under the Cancer sign show their love.

8 Leo – The Corinthian

Leos are one of the most determined signs. They know exactly what they want and are going to do everything in their power to obtain it. Plus, they have a wild imagination and love situations that provide thrill and excitement. Unfortunately, their confidence sometimes can turn into arrogance and selfishness.

In the case of the Corinthian, the evilest character in the series, he portrays some of the most negative traits of this sign. However, in his own dark way, this character also exhibits Leo’s creativity and love for adventure.

7 Virgo – Lucienne

Virgos are known for their impressive analytical abilities. Since they choose to always remain methodical and logical, they’re one of the most reliable signs. On top of that, their attention to detail makes them one of the best advice givers.

As one of the smartest characters in the show, Lucienne exhibits all the traits of a Virgo. The brilliant way in which she administers the Dreaming and anticipates every problem that may arise makes her character crucial for the correct functioning of this realm.

6 Libra – Rose Walker

Libras are diplomatic people and, as such, they tend to avoid conflict at all times. Their search for justice motivates them to see every possible perspective in a situation, for which they’re one of the most empathetic signs.

Even though she’s very young, Rose shows emotional intelligence beyond her years. She always tries to find a good resolution to people’s problems and fiercely defies Morpheus for his lack of tact. Eventually, in a very Libra way, she even offers her life for the safety of the world.

5 Scorpio – Roderick Burgess

Even though Scorpios are intuitive and imaginative people, sometimes they use these abilities to find creative ways to achieve their selfish agendas. This passionate sign can be manipulative and dangerous if someone stands in their way.

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Unfortunately for Morpheus, Roderick Burgess couldn’t be more of a Scorpio, which means he will do everything in his power to get what he wants, even if it means keeping a god-like being enclosed in his basement.

4 Sagittarius – Death

One of the most positive signs, Sagittarius chooses to always see the good in everything. They always keep an open-minded attitude, even in the darkest of times, and are not afraid to embark on new adventures.

Even though she’s one of the most powerful characters in the show, Death is more in touch with humanity than any of her siblings. Her grim job could become a burden for anyone else, but Death, as a Sagittarius, chooses to focus on helping the people whose lives she, unfortunately, needs to take away.

3 Capricorn – Morpheus

One of the most resilient signs, Capricorns are known for their powerful sense of duty. They’re responsible and hard-working people who value discipline above anything else. However, on the downside, they also can be pessimistic and somber.

Even though Morpheus sometimes acts like a villain, no one can deny his faithfulness towards his job. His biggest fear is being a failure, for which reason he’s sometimes reckless and loses sight of what’s really important. Still, Morpheus always finds his way, saving humanity from the different threats that put them in danger.

2 Aquarius – John Dee

Idealistic by nature, sometimes Aquarius can be too passionate about their beliefs. However, they always have the best intentions at heart, and they deeply value honesty and genuine gestures.

Even though John Dee takes his ideals way too far, there’s no doubt he actually wanted to create a better world. For this reason, Aquariuses need to be careful about how they intend to execute their powerful visions since they can quickly get out of hand.

1 Pisces – Gault

Pisces are very sensitive people who are always trying to help those in need. They don’t let themselves be limited by conventions, and they often create their own rules. Some people may think they’re naive, but Pisces are free spirits who make the world a better place.

Gault’s character embodies most of Pisces’ characteristics. She doesn’t let herself be constrained by her nature and decides to become a good dream even though she’s a nightmare, going against Morpheus’s ruling just so she can make Jed’s life a little easier.

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