Which Samuel L. Jackson Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac?

Over the past four decades, Samuel L. Jackson has established himself as one of the most prolific Hollywood actors of all time. The actor has appeared in at least 2 movies every year since 1988 and at the moment, audiences can enjoy his voice in the animated movie, Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank.

Since Jackson has played over 100 movie characters, fans might have a hard time picking a favorite among them. However, a couple of them are very relatable, especially when their mannerisms and views are examined using the 12 zodiac signs. So, which one among them is the most similar to you?


Aries – Ordell Robbie (Jackie Brown)

Those grouped under the Aries horoscope are known for their bravery, passion, and competitiveness. As for imperfections, they can be impetuous and carefree, traits that fit the Los Angeles gun runner, Ordell.

Ordell’s courage is evident from the fact that his means of making money are quite risky. These include trading guns in the trunks of cars and working with air hostesses to move drugs through commercial planes. His rise to the top of the food chain also confirms his competitiveness. However, Ordell doesn’t do enough to cover his tracks. By making impulsive decisions such as shooting associates in the open, he puts himself closer and closer to the ATF’s radar.

Taurus – Stacks Edwards (Goodfellas)

Tauruses are devoted, practical, and hardworking. Inversely they channel naivety and stubbornness. More often than not, they’ll get lost in their indulgences too. Such attributes wrap up perfectly around Stacks Edwards.

The major reason Stacks is brought in to participate in the Lufthansa heist is because he is loyal to the mobsters. He enjoys chatting with them and entertaining them by playing guitar. Unfortunately for Stacks. he forgets everything else whenever he is having fun with his girlfriend. Consequently, he fails to destroy the heist van at John Gotti’s junkyard as instructed, something that gets him killed.

Gemini – Stephen (Django Unchained)

Geminis have a reputation for being adaptable. On their best days, they can be witty and innovative too. But on a negative note, they can be judgemental, just like Stephen, the senior house slave of the slave master, Candice.

Stephen’s adaptability can be seen in how he fully embraces his slave status. His despicable side becomes all too clear when he is introduced to Django. To him, the idea of a free Black man makes him angry so he dedicates his time to sabotaging the protagonist’s plans

Cancer – Jules Winfield (Pulp Fiction)

Cancers are generally maternal, an attribute that stems from their tendency to show compassion and care for others. At times, they can be grumpy and vindictive too. Such is how the hitman, Jules, is.

Jules exemplifies his compassion by giving two Bonnie and Clyde-like robbers a lecture at a diner and then allowing them to walk away. Most importantly, he has a change of heart about killing, preferring to be more spiritual. However, in one of the best Pulp Fiction scenes where he goes to collect his boss’ briefcase, Jules shows extreme savagery.

Leo – Mace Windu (Star Wars)

Leos are confident, joyful, and good-hearted. They radiate positivity too, like the Jedi master Mace Windu. Contrariwise, they can either be overly loyal or self-centered, depending on the circumstances.

As one of the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars, Windu uses his influence and strengths to do good. From saving soldiers from certain death and going to great lengths to preserve the Republic, there is no shortage of Windu’s good deeds. But while his attempt to kill Darth Sidious is justified, it reeks of selfishness since Anakin Skywalker’s wife is in danger at the time, and it’s only through Sidious that she can be saved.

Virgo – Major Marquis Warren (The Hateful Eight)

Virgos are extremely industrious, hence they always have high productivity rates. But by clocking in too many work hours, their social lives are non-existent. Bounty hunter, Major Marquis, is the quintessential Virgo.

It’s hard to dispute Warren’s work rate as he is reported to have a kill count of 91. His productivity can be seen right from the start of the movie when he is shown transporting 3 corpses of outlaws whereas other bounty hunters only manage a single kill or capture at a time. But unlike most of the best Tarantino characters, Warren never seems keen on indulging in food and drink, even when he stops at Minnie’s Haberdashery.

Libra – John Shaft (Shaft)

Libras are always curious, just like the detective turned P.I. John Shaft. They are charming, social ad understanding too, traits that make them perfect team players. On their worst days, they may be stubborn, emotional, and intolerant.

Shaft doesn’t just believe whatever he is told, evident from how he probes several people about the real estate tycoon’s son despite getting a statement from the man himself. He knows how to uplift those he works with too, and as such, he and his son JJ make a perfect duo. Good traits aside, his insistence on doing things his way frustrates both his ex-wife and JJ.

Scorpio – Richmond Valentine (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

Richmond Valentine Scorpios are resolute and proactive people. Contrarily, they exhibit franticness, obsessiveness, jealousy, and bluntness on a couple of occasions.

Valentine, the billionaire CEO of the Valentine Corporation, is such a person. Valentine knows how to make deals better than anyone. But it doesn’t take long for his ugly side to rear his head. Instead of driving him to do good, his obsession with climate change makes him want to wipe out the majority of the world’s population, a plan mirroring that of one of the best MCU villains, Thanos. In addition to that, the rude manner in which Valentine talks to his subordinate also underlines his bluntness.

Saggitarius – Senor Love Daddy (Do Tha Right Thing)

Sagittarians are energetic, chatty, and sympathetic. Such traits best describe the local radio DJ, Senor Love Daddy. But just as all zodiacs have flaws, Sagittarians can’t help but be conceited and temperamental from time to time.

Love Daddy endears himself to fans through his talkativeness. Not only does he have hilarious catchphrases such as “That’s the truth, Ruth,” but he also enjoys calling random people just to lift their spirits. He does a great job of cooling the racial tensions in his town too. Sadly, he isn’t always too kind to the people he works with.

Capricorn – Nick Fury (MCU)

Capricorns are known for having better leadership skills than others. Therefore, they make competent bosses or rulers, just like S.H.I.E.L.D. boss, Nick Fury. But they aren’t without their faults as they tend to be condescending too.

As the person who set up the Avengers Initiative, Fury has been in charge of Earth’s mightiest heroes for a long time. Given how powerful each member of the Avengers is, Fury deserves to be commended for keeping them all in check. However, he has been unnecessarily tough at times, especially when dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Aquarius – Zeus Carver (Die Hard 3)

Aquarius is packed with analytical and progressive individuals. As such, it produces many activists and innovators. Members of the zodiac are known for their pessimism. Among Samuel L. Jackson’s characters, the shopkeeper and activist, Zeus Carver, is the perfect Aquarian.

Zeus is depicted as having a strong stance against racial discrimination. And through how he solves most of the antagonist Simon’s puzzles, Zeus is painted as a very smart and analytical person. But even though he is courageous while helping John McClaine stop the threat, he keeps doubting whether they’ll succeed.

Pisces – Carl Lee Hailey (A Time To Kill)

Pisces are sincere, gracious, and hopeful. Some are artistic too. Conversely, they can be weak-willed, indecisive, and low on self-esteem. Pisces of often referred to as the most tragic zodiac, something that can be seen in Carl.

In what is one of the best courtroom movies, Carl is portrayed as a good man who just can’t catch a break. Killing the men that attacked his daughter is a highly justified move but Carl is still persecuted for it. Nevertheless, Carl remains hopeful. After a lengthy court case and a smear campaign, he finally walks free

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