Welcome Back, Munsters!: Rob Zombie Reboot Heads To Netflix This Fall


It looks like Rob Zombie’s latest project won’t be heading to theaters after all. Today it was announced that Netflix has picked up the latest reboot of The Munsters. The movie was initially thought to go directly to NBC’s Peacock streaming service but will instead be heading to Netflix. This latest iteration of the characters looks to be a prequel that will tell of Herman Munster’s courtship of Lily, who is being played by Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon (a mainstay in most of his films including the House of 1000 Corpses trilogy). 

The original Munsters series ran for two years from 1964-1966 and has seen a long running cult following. It spawned a televised sequel called The Munsters Today which ran from 1998-1991. And it was also rebooted as Mockingbird Lane by Bryan Fuller but never made it any further than a pilot….because it was absolutely horrible. Hopefully Zombie’s spin doesn’t suffer the same fate. 

Many have been scared that Rob Zombie would spin this into something more like his horror infused films. But from the trailer, it looks like he’s actually attempting to make it more like the classic show. The preview looks fully digital and definitely seems like he respects his source material. 

It is currently set to hit Netflix this September!


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