Ubisoft Denies Blade Game Rumors

There have been a few recent rumblings surrounding upcoming Marvel video games, but the rumored parties involved don’t usually officially comment on the matter. However, Ubisoft is bucking the trend by coming out and outright denying that it is making a Blade game, one that a few Instagram posts seemed to point to.

As shown on sites like ResetEra and popularized by YouTuber JorRaptor, the rumor started with actors Edwin Gaffney and Alex Martin both posting pictures of them wearing mocap suits back in July. The two were just spreading good vibes to each other and the project in general, but they both tagged Ubisoft and showed a clapper with “Marvel” written on it. It then listed the director as “B. Tariq” and the camera person as “D. Garcia.” It’s not fully spelled out, but Bassam Tariq is the director of the upcoming Blade film starring Mahershala Ali and Damian Garcia is its cinematographer.

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Given how the name abbreviations and Marvel label have ties to Blade, many assumed that Ubisoft was developing an unannounced Blade video game with the help from a couple of the film’s creatives. Ubisoft never announced that it was making a Marvel game, but it is currently developing a Star Wars game and an Avatar one, so the company has shown that it can occasionally develop licensed titles (and even collaborate with the film’s creators).

But it seems as though that isn’t the case. Ubisoft came out on Twitter and outright denied it was creating a Blade game and said it was excited to see the Marvel film when it comes out in 2023.

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With Ubisoft debunking the rumor, it’s unclear what Gaffney and Martin were performing for. Gaffney did reiterate that it was a video game in the comments, though. And, while it could be an innocuous oversight, Ubisoft didn’t say it wasn’t for a Marvel game, only that it wasn’t for a Blade game. Regardless, it’s likely that these answers will come in the future.

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