Tower of Fantasy: Best Samir Matrices Build

The best Matrices for a Samir build in Tower of Fantasy should contain effects that buff her consecutive attacks or her Weapon Recharge rate.

Samir, the current “DPS meta-queen” in Tower of Fantasy, is a Volt-type SSR Simulacrum capable of unleashing ranged damage at a remarkably high rate of fire. Her Dual EM Stars can shred away enemy HP from afar while also granting her or her armament’s wielder fast Weapon Recharge, enabling users to use their Discharges more often. While Samir lacks the restorative support utility of Nemesis, her significant damage output makes up for more than enough of any potential drawbacks.


Like other weapons in Tower of Fantasy, upgrading Samir’s Dual EM Stars is relatively straightforward, requiring players to collect Magcore, Weapon Batteries, and additional enhancement materials to bolster the armament’s capabilities. However, what might not be so apparent is what Matrices or Matrix Set with which players should equip their Samir or her weapon. Of course, any Matrix will provide stat benefits regardless of the set’s unique passive. Nevertheless, those aiming to maximize Samir’s damage and use her to her full potential will naturally want to know the best Matrices build for Samir in Tower of Fantasy.

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The best Matrices build for Samir would evidently be her signature SSR Set, the Samir Matrix Set in Tower of Fantasy. With two pieces, the player will deal more damage upon consecutively hitting a target. Each time an attack lands, damage output will increase by 1.5%, up to 10/13/16/20 stacks. Moreover, by achieving a 4-Set, every attack that lands on locked-on targets will deal bonus damage equal to 10%/12.5%/15%/17.5% of the player’s ATK stat. As mentioned above, Samir’s Dual EM Stars have incredible attack speed, and the Samir Matrix Set will enable her weapon to dish out more DPS on enemies in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Matrices For Samir In Tower Of Fantasy

However, since Samir’s signature Matrices are of SSR rarity, there is a very low probability normal players will ever acquire the entire set within the duration of their entire playthrough of the game’s current content. Whaling is an option but certainly not the norm for casual Wanderers. Fortunately, YouTube content creator Soul has provided the Tower of Fantasy community will an excellent free-to-play-friendly alternative for Samir’s Matrices build — the Pepper Matrix Set.

The Pepper Set in Tower of Fantasy contains SR Matrices that players can easily earn through gacha and gameplay rewards. Once a 3-Set has been achieved, the player’s Weapon Charge rate will increase by 10%/12.5%/15%. While such a buff does not directly affect Samir’s damage output, much of her DPS comes from her Discharge, meaning that an increase to Weapon Charge is an excellent benefit to her kit in Tower of Fantasy.

Source: Soul

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