The Office: 10 Heartwarming Quotes That Proved The Scranton Branch Were Family

In August 2022 on an episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor) listed her top five episodes of The Office. Kaling wasn’t just an actress on the NBC show, she was also a writer, producer, and director. Some of her favorite episodes were ‘The Dundies,’ ‘Office Olympics,’ and ‘Diversity Day.’

Kaling’s episode list had some of the more heartwarming moments in the show. What made the Scranton branch so successful was because they were like one big, dysfunctional family. With Michael Scott at the head of the family, everything he did was for the betterment of his employees (although it didn’t always seem that way). In return, characters like Dwight, Jim, and Pam had some of the sweetest quotes on The Office that proved they were family.


“I Feel Like All My Kids Grew Up, And Then They Married Each Other.”

Michael Scott

In season 7, Michael Scott decided that as much as he loved his office family, he loved Holly more. The Scranton branch couldn’t blame him. After years of dedicated service, it was time for Michael to move on.

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Beautifully, Michael came back for a quick appearance at Dwight and Angela’s wedding. Though it was short and funny, this quote by Michael was one that will stick with Office fans forever. With tears in his eyes, he admitted that Dwight, Angela, and everyone there were like his kids… who just so happened to marry each other.

“Congratulations To Michael, Because He Closed On His Condo. So, Gold Medal.”

Jim Halpert

One of the best Jim and Michael episodes was ‘Office Olympics.’ Although the two co-workers spent a majority of the day away from each other, Jim knew when Michael needed a confidence boost.

In the episode, Michael bought his first home and had anxiety over how much he spent. Meanwhile, Jim and the rest of the office took the day off from work to partake in the Office Olympics. When Michael showed up at the office, everyone saw that he needed a pick-me-up. Instead of ignoring him, Jim awarded him with a gold medal and made him feel special. A heartwarming moment like this is something family members would do when the other is having a rough day.

“What Are Our Choices Right Now? Because You Know, Kiddo, You Quit.”

Michael Scott

One of Michael Scott’s smartest schemes was creating a new paper company and then selling it back to Dunder Mifflin for a profit. But before things got better, Michael and Pam had a hard time getting The Michael Scott Paper Company off the ground.

Even though Pam was sick of being a receptionist for Dunder Mifflin, she regretted quitting impulsively without thinking things through. She cried in the car, which prompted Michael to give Pam some fatherly advice. Instead of acting like a boss and being cold, Michael was sweet and calmed her fears.

“I want you to listen to me. Because I want to tell you the situation that we are both in right now, kay? You quit your job. I quit my job. We both quit. Those are the facts… Now, what are our choices right now? Because you know, kiddo, you quit.”

“I Don’t Care If He Killed His Entire Family, He’s Like A Son To Me.”

Michael Scott

Although Ryan committed fraud, Michael saw potential in him and wanted to give him a second chance. He hired Ryan to work with him at The Michael Scott Paper Company, and later did what he could to get Ryan his old job back with Dunder Mifflin.

David Wallace was incensed at the idea of Ryan working for the company again, but Michael proved there was more to Ryan that met the eye. He even said that Ryan was like a son to him. Ryan didn’t deserve Michael’s devotion, but he was lucky he had it because with Michael as his protector, he got his job back.

“…If You’re A Family Stuck On A Lifeboat In The Middle Of The Ocean, One Parent Might Want To Just Keep Rowing…”

Jim Halpert

In ‘Murder,’ Michael and Jim were thrown through a loop when they heard that Dunder Mifflin was filing for bankruptcy, which could affect all of their jobs. In the past, Dwight always acted as the hero of Dunder Mifflin but there was nothing he could do to save the branch now.

“… If you’re a family stuck on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, one parent might want to just keep rowing. But if the other parent wants to play a game, it’s not because they’re crazy. It’s because they’re doing it for the kids. And I get that now.”

Michael knew he had to distract the office. He whipped out a murder mystery game and got everyone involved. Jim was against the tom-foolery, but Michael persisted. In the end, Jim finally realized that what Michael did was what any parent would do in an emergency situation. As the hypothetical parents of the office, Jim steered the ship while Michael protected his employees.

“No, Trevor, I Am Not Gonna Let You. He’s A Dunder-Mifflin Man. He’s My Tribe.”

Dwight Schrute

Dwight and Angela had a complex relationship. After dating in secret for years, the office found out about their little affair once she and Andy got engaged.

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Their bond was shown when Angela found out her husband, Robert Lipton, was having an affair with Oscar. Angela was so distraught that she turned to Dwight for advice. Before Dwight knew that Robert was having an affair with Oscar, he introduced her to a hitman named Trevor. It wasn’t until he found out the target was Oscar that Dwight jumped into protective mode. He stood in between the hitman and Oscar and told him that Oscar was part of his “tribe.” As dramatic of a moment as this was, it proved that they were family because Dwight typically chose Angela’s side regardless of the situation.

“It Is Something I Wouldn’t Wish On My Worst Enemy, And That Includes You.”

Jim Halpert

It was rare, but there were times when frenemies Jim and Dwight joined forces. As much as Dwight bothered Jim, he couldn’t bear seeing Dwight in pain when Angela chose Andy over him.

Jim followed a weeping Dwight to the stairwell where he comforted him and let him know that he understood his heartache. Even though he and Pam were on the same page then, there was a time when he had to watch her be with someone else. Dwight didn’t say anything during Jim’s heartwarming speech, but it was enough to make Dwight feel better. Like a family, the two didn’t always get along but they didn’t want to see the other in pain.

“Keep Conversations Light And If You Get Stuck, And You Don’t Know What To Do, Make A Random Sound Effect Okay?”

Pam Beasley

In ‘The Chump,’ Pam warned the office that Michael just found out that his girlfriend Donna was married and in an affair with him. Knowing that Michael presumably broke up with Donna, she prepared the office for a day of heartache on Michael’s behalf.

Everyone, remember, when he gets like this, he will wallow, if you empathize. Keep conversations light and if you get stuck, and you don’t know what to do, make a random sound effect okay? Farting noise, whatever. Okay.

She bought different ice cream flavors and prepped the office on what to say or not say. Pam’s protective nature of Michael was similar to what a mom would do when her child wasn’t feeling well. What’s more, when Pam found out that Michael didn’t break up with Donna, she gave him tough love to set him straight.

“The Friendships.”

Jim Halpert

When an opening popped up at corporate, Jim applied for the position. Jim was a shoo-in because he had a great relationship with David Wallace and was a wonderful employee.

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What made Jim such a great colleague was what he said in his interview with Wallace. When Wallace asked Jim what he’d miss most about the Scranton branch, he simply said “The friendships.” Without realizing it, the Scranton branch became his family and closest friends, and it showed in this interview.

“Come Stay With Me… Not Forever But Until You Get Back On Your Feet.”

Oscar Martinez

Angela didn’t always make the best decisions, and that proved to be true in season 9 when she found herself practically homeless with a baby and a bunch of cats. Knowing how much Oscar had hurt her, he offered Angela and her son to stay with him.

At first, Angela denied the offer and said she’d sleep in a tent, but Oscar couldn’t let her do that. Though they had their differences, Oscar saw Angela as family and took her in when she needed it most. It was one of the more heartwarming moments on The Office.

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