The Last of Us Part I Launch Trailer Shows More Late-Game and Left Behind Scenes

The Last of Us Part I‘s September 2 release date on PlayStation 5 is almost here. And while that is just over a week away, Sony is marking the occasion with an early and very spoilery launch trailer for the remake.

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This new video has many scenes from the later acts of the game, including parts of the winter chapter and its DLC, Left Behind. Left Behind has been left out of much of the game’s marketing until now, only briefly showing up in its announcement trailer and features breakdown. However, given its length relative to the main game, it makes sense.

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The footage contains many new cutscenes, which players will undoubtedly start comparing to the original release and PS4 remaster. The studio has been doing this itself on its own YouTube page, releasing select clips pitting the 2022 PS5 remake against the 2014 PS4 remaster, letting viewers more plainly see the upgrades Naughty Dog has in store.

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