The Kid Experience: Toycon PH 2022

To be a kid again, it has always been one’s desire; for being a child is the beginning of knowledge. 

With the recent Toycon 2022 last July 8-10, all we felt was the feeling of being a kid again, reunited with all the things we all called fun back in the days. They say you’ll never outgrow your favorite childhood series, and that is absolutely true! 

One step in the convention, and you are already in awe of the things that would welcome you, an embrace from different cosplayers, Fuwa-fuwa bread from Anya as you enter, and the hype and energy you get from everyone walking around!

Our team let our inner-geeks on as we covered the 3 days of the convention; from suddenly becoming a livestream host to becoming a lowkey cosplayer as well, jiving along with different cosplayers. This event has taught us to become flexible in different ways. 

I remember we were all rambling and debating about different things, “Marvel or DC?”, “Star wars or Star Trek?”, it was a mishap! Being with our team was indeed more than fun, especially we were all hyped up for everything the convention has to offer. 

We all had something to bring home at every day of the convention. For me, I got to bring home a comic book that my dad and I were looking forward to! While the others brought home t-shirts and some brought home Funko Pops! 

You can definitely imagine our team, it was tiring but was very fun!

I believe that it was one of the happiest experiences ever, you get to learn from a lot of people that you just met in the convention itself. We all felt like a child from it and it is something to treasure and look forward to at the 2023 Toycon! 

Maybe next time, we’ll also cosplay as your favorite character!

Photos by: Jeremy Emata

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