The Breakers Trailer Reveals Playable Majin Buu & Farmer

A new trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers was released as part of this week’s Tokyo Game Show. This trailer has revealed that various forms of Majin Buu will be playable alongside the Farmer from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

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The newly released video shows Majin Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu stalking players and using numerous abilities from throughout Dragon Ball. The Farmer, an unnamed character who met his end when Raditz landed on Earth in the manga and anime, was also revealed as a playable survivor.

Check out the Dragon Ball: The Breakers Majin Buu and Farmer trailer below:

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In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, players take on the role of either a “Survivor” or a “Raider.” Survivors — normal citizens who don’t have any superpowers whatsoever — are sucked through a portal and into a “Temporal Seam,” where matches take place. There, they face off against the Raider, who will be played by some of the most infamous characters in all of Dragon Ball history, including Cell, Frieza, and Buu. The goal for the Raider is to defeat all seven of the Survivors, while the Survivors aim to escape by activating the “Super Time Machine.”

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