Stranger Things: 10 Shows To Watch While You Wait For Season 5

The second half of Stranger Things‘ fourth season recently debuted on Netflix, and with the series earning 13 Emmy nominations at the 2022 announcements, it is hard not to anticipate what the future of the show holds and the brilliant content that will be put out.

While there is a long wait between the seasons, there are still plenty of shows across streaming platforms that have the similar stories, themes or tones to please fans of the show while they wait for its concluding season.

Paradise (Paraíso)

A bycicle and a phone booth from the HBO show Paradise.

Paradise is very similar to Stranger Things but set in Spain. The series follows a group of kids living in the fictional Valencian town called “Almanzora de la Vega” in the ’90s. When three 15-year-old girls disappear from a nightclub, quite like how Will disappeared from Hawkins, a group of teenagers team up to find them.


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Just like in Stranger Things, shortly after beginning their hunt for the girls, the crew is soon confronted by something that is not of this world.

The Umbrella Academy

the cast of The Umbrella Academy standing together in an elevator

While this show is set in the present and does not have the ’80s theme that Stranger Things maintains, it does have darker undertones hidden amongst a seemingly playful show. The Umbrella Academylike Stranger Things, starts out with a childish backstory but quickly morphs into an ominous show, with the fate of the world in the balance.

Like Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy characters confronts the fate of the world on more than one occasion. Although this show lacks monsters from another dimension, the Academy still faces paranormal threats on a season-by-season basis.


Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder in GLOW

If Stranger Things fans are looking for something that is stylistically similar to the ’80s show, then GLOW  is an excellent show to turn too. GLOW is a dramedy about the ’80s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’, a women’s wrestling promotion.

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While this show’s plot line couldn’t differ more from Stranger Things, it is an easy-going show to watch that still maintains the ’80s vibes that Stranger Things is known for.


Three children in the forest in the show Silverpoint.

Silverpoint is the kid version of Stranger Things. In this show, a group of teens at a summer camp investigate the disappearance of four kids. Quite frankly stated, this British version of Stranger Things holds all the suspense and thrill that Stranger Things boasts, without the American accents.

This TV show is ideal to watch if fans are looking for less language and less violence, while still holding the suspense and thrill factors Stranger Things fans love.

Gravity Falls

Mabel and Dipper of Gravity Falls stand in fear

Gravity Fallsone of the best Disney Channel cartoons, follows Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel.  The wins spend the summer with their great uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. After Dipper finds a cryptic journal that exposes the town’s mysteries, he and Mabel use it to their advantage after they start noticing paranormal incidents and supernatural creatures emerging.

This highly ranked two season Dinsey show is an excellent parallel to Stranger Things while also proving the viewers with some light-hearted content, rather than the jump scares seen on Stranger Things. 

I Am Not Okay With This

Sydney and Stanley walking in I am Not Okay With This.

Eleven was one of the most unique character on the Stranger Things show because she has telekinetic powers quite like Sydney Novak, the protagonist of I Am Not Okay With This.

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I Am Not Okay With This is the Strangers Things if the Hawkins kids didn’t have to deal with paranormal activity on a near-yearly basis. If fans enjoyed the character of Eleven, and wanted to see more high school drama from the Stranger Things show, then I Am Not Okay With This is the show to watch.

Marvel’s Runaways

Cast of characters from Marvel's Runaways.

After a group of six Los Angeles teenagers find out their parent’s are keeping a secret from them, they begin to  investigate what their guardians’s motivations. This show, like Stranger Things has twists and turns at every corner, and fans do not know what to expect next.

Marvel’s Runaways has the same energy as Stranger Things in that they both deal with a unusual encounter, and ban together as a group to try to investigate it. Marvel’s Runaways characters closely parallels the Stranger Things gang from the first season as they too set off on their own investigative adventure to find out what is going awry in their lives.

Castle Rock

Lizzie Caplan in Castle Rock Season 2 Hulu

This psychological-horror series is set in the Stephen King universe. Stephen King, an author whom plays a large part in the Easter eggs found in Stranger Things, is known for creating novels that have a Stranger Things tone. Like the Stranger Things, this show makes use of mythological characters on the backdrop of the Maine woodland.

While both shows take place in a small town setting, it is arguable that Castle Rock is leaning far more into the horror realm than Stranger Things, so if fans enjoyed that element of the show, Castle Rock would be the one to watch.

Locke & Key

Characters from Locke and Key looking through a curtain.

After the father is murdered, his widow takes her three kids and move to Keyhouse. Soon thereafter, the children discover keys lying around the house which unlock doors to mystical worlds. While the children are solving the mystery as to how the keys got in the house in the first place, they also have to fight a demon who wishes to steal them.

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Both the Locke & Key and Stranger Things protagonists have to deal with an unknown monster from another dimension, who’s goal is ultimately destruction. This story has some of the darker undertones that Stranger Things fans adore, making it a watch-worthy show.


Sabrina Spellman and Cheryl Bloosom in Riverdale

Set in the fictional town of Riverdale, everyday life goes awry when Jason Blossom, the twin brother of popular troublemaker, Cheryl, tragically dies. Like Stranger Things, this show is set in a beautiful small town, but this small town is hiding secrets of its own.

Not only does the Riverdale show have its own version of the Demogorgon, the Gargoyle King, but it maintains a suspenseful and horror-like tone through the duration of the show making this show a great choice for Stranger Things fans.

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