She-Hulk Poster Gives New Look at Early MCU Villain Emil Blonsky

A new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law character poster features Tim Roth’s return as The Incredible Hulk villain Emil Blonsky AKA The Abomination.

A new character poster for Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney At Law offers fans a look at Tim Roth’s returning MCU villain Emil Blonsky. Created by Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao, She-Hulk is the latest in a line of Disney+ streaming television series set within the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starring Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany, the series follows the exploits of Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters after she is exposed to his blood and receives similar powers to her famous family member.


In addition to featuring Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk, She-Hulk also features several cameo appearances from MCU veterans including Benedict Wong’s Sorcerer Supreme and the much-anticipated return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil. In the show’s second episode fans were also reintroduced to Roth’s Emil Blonksy who first made his MCU debut in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. A Royal Marine Commando who was loaned to General Thaddeus Ross in a bid to capture the Hulk, Blonsky underwent several experimental injections which transformed him into the skeletal monster known as the Abomination. Roth’s character would also return opposite Wong in a brief cameo during last year’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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Most recently the official Marvel Studios Twitter account released a new character poster for Roth’s villain. Featuring Roth back in his human form, he is pictured wearing an outfit that audiences are still yet to see on screen, potentially hinting at a larger role in the series going forward. Check out the poster below:

Roth’s return to the MCU offers him a unique opportunity to more fully develop what has happened to his character since his debut over a decade ago in The Incredible Hulk. Despite its enormous success as a franchise, the MCU has often been accused of creating disposable villains, and aside from a few notable exceptions, few Marvel villains ever get the chance to appear more than once. Blonsky’s reappearance bucks this trend, and hopefully marks an attempt by the franchise to bring more familiar villains back for more future films and series.

Of course, Marvel’s plans for Blonsky and some of its other villains are likely to culminate in the Thunderbolts movie currently slated for July 2024. Astute Marvel fans have been noting the franchise’s potential setup for the Thunderbolts in previous entries such as Black Widow and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Roth’s own return seems like the next logical step toward the villainous team-up film. Rumors of the Abomination’s inclusion in the Thunderbolts were first started off the back of his Shang-Chi cameo, and now She-Hulk seems like the perfect vehicle to properly refamiliarize audiences with the character before a triumphant big-screen return. In the meantime, fans will likely see much more of Roth’s Emil Blonsky as She-Hulk: Attorney At Law continues to be released weekly on Disney+.

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