Selling The OC: Tyler Stanaland Reportedly ‘Happy’ Amid Divorce

Selling The OC’s Tyler Stanaland is reportedly in a happy place amid his divorce from Brittany Snow. Tyler was married to the actress for two years.

Tyler Stanaland of Selling The OC is reportedly in a happy place amid his divorce from Brittany Snow. Tyler and Brittany confirmed their split via a joint Instagram statement on September 14. The real estate agent was married to the X actress for two years.

While Brittany never appeared on the Selling Sunset spin-off, she was referenced as Tyler found himself in hot water. His flirtatious friendships with co-stars Alex Hall and Polly Brindle were called into question. More drama occurred after Kayla Cardona attempted to kiss him on a night out. In promotional interviews, the former surfer hinted the Pitch Perfect star wasn’t thrilled watching this unfold. Their divorce was announced a few weeks later. However, Tyler is reportedly not too broken up about the massive changes in his personal life.


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On Tuesday, September 20, a source told Page Six that Tyler was spotted looking “really happy” on the very day he and Brittany announced their split. The insider observed that the 33-year-old didn’t seem too upset about his marriage ending. Instead, Tyler appeared more concerned about whether Selling The OC would be renewed for season 2. The source added, “it seems like he wanted fame like [Brittany].” The same day that Page Six posted this article, the newly-single man was photographed smiling on his way to surf. Sources also hinted that Tyler, who recently made headlines for a flirtatious night out with Alex, might already be moving on romantically.

One individual claimed to see Tyler flirting with multiple women at a bar before his divorce was announced. However, another said he was just greeting fans of the show. Earlier this week, an anonymous friend of Tyler’s insisted he’s not ready to date anyone, including the show villain Alex. That insider also claimed the California native is very upset over the split.

While there are disputing views about how happy he is, Tyler’s quest for fame has already been named a major reason for the divorce. It was reported that Brittany didn’t want him to do the show. While the 36-year-old mostly received supportive comments on her announcement, Tyler’s nearly identical post had a different comments section. Many Instagram users asked if the show was worth it. Others referenced infamous moments from the series, like the “nosey” he got from Alex.

In addition to his flirtatious personality, Tyler also earned scorn for ranking surfing as the most important thing in his life. He then put Brittany and their dog Charlie in a tie for second place. But even beyond his romantic life, many viewers called Tyler, Alex, and Polly OC‘s bullies. The three have repeatedly defended their on-screen actions in interviews. But while the show has been much-talked-about, Netflix has still not officially ordered more Selling The OC.

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