Saints Row: Every Hidden History Board Location in Jasinski Park & Jasinski Pavilion

Saints Row fans must find ten Hidden History Boards at the Jasinski Park Library and Theater to discover the History of Antoni M. Jasinski.

To complete the History of Antoni M. Jasinski challenge in Saints Row, players must find and interact with the five Hidden History Boards of both the Jasinski Park Theater (Pavilion) and the Jasinski Park Library. Completing these two Discoveries will reward the Boss protagonist with a combined total of $1,000 Cash and 600 XP. Additionally, accomplishing the History of Antoni M. Jasinski will grant participants with the Alien Hat, Alien Mask, and 900 XP in Saints Row.


Like other Discoveries in Saints Row‘s world, the player can trigger a Hidden History Board hunt by activating the narration of any sign in Jasinski Park. A small HUD element will appear in the screen’s upper-left corner, indicating how many boards have been discovered and how many are left. Once all the signboards have been found, the player must then return to the main welcome sign, characterized by the somewhat unsettling art of a human-faced rattlesnake mascot. Interacting with the welcome sign will complete the challenge, and the participant will receive their reward in Saints Row.

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YouTube content creator PS5Trophies has taken their time to demonstrate how to find every Hidden History Board location in Jasinski Park and Jasinski Pavilion in Saints Row. Players can refer to the index below for further clarification of each sign’s position during their gameplay of the Saints Row reboot.

Finding All Jasinski Hidden History Boards In Saints Row

All Hidden History Boards In Jasinski Park Theater Pavilion

Hidden History Board Walkthrough Details
  • Starting from the Welcome Sign in Jasinski Park Theater, interact with the board to begin the challenge in Saints Row.
  • Walk westward towards the circular sidewalk around the pavilion.
  • The second Hidden History Board can be found near a tree facing the small area where several NPCs are dancing.
  • Continue westward down the sidewalk until reaching a person at a hotdog stand.
  • Right after this NPC sits the third Hidden History Board near a walkway leading towards the center.
  • Follow the sidewalk to the right to encounter another signboard at the theater’s first main entrance.
  • The last board of the Jasinski Park Theater can be found at the second main entrance to the right.

All Hidden History Boards In Jasinski Park Library

Hidden History Board Walkthrough Details
  • Walk down the sidewalk to the west to find the second board near a book-shaped bench and lamppost.
  • Next, go around to the parking lot behind the library to encounter another Hidden History Board in a small decorative intersection.
  • The next signboard can be found opposite the parking lot in a similar four-sided flower bed area.
  • Finally, go around to the front of the library to discover the last board within an unkempt turf with multiple “Please Keep Off The Grass” signs.

Remember always to revisit the Welcome Sign after finding the other Hidden History Boards to complete the Discovery in Saints Row.

Source: PS5Trophies (Jasinski Park Theater) | PS5Trophies (Jasinski Park Library)

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