Ryusui Release Date & Time for Special Episode on Crunchyroll

The third season of Dr. Stone is not airing until 2023, but at least a special episode is coming. The upcoming special focuses on Ryusui Nanami, the statue we saw at the end of the second season. We have all the information you need for the hour-long episode titled Dr. Stone: Ryusui.

When Dr. Stone: Ryusui Releases

The release date of Dr. Stone: Ryusui is Sunday, July 10. The episode will be out in Japan at 7:00 p.m. JST.

Crunchyroll is simulcasting the special. As of writing, there is no word on the official airtime yet. Usually, the simulcast should be available approximately an hour after it airs in Japan. In U.S. time, this would be the corresponding schedule:

  • 7:00 a.m. ET
  • 6:00 a.m. CT
  • 4:00 a.m. PT

Where to Watch Dr. Stone: Ryusui

The hour-long special episode will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. The episode is set between the second season and the upcoming third season.

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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The Kingdom of Science successfully captures Hyoga and Homura. Senku survives the encounter, but Tsukasa suffers fatal wounds. Kohaku says it’s finally over, but Senku replies that they are only getting started. They have yet to build a kingdom of science from scratch. With Tsukasa’s people as the new additions to the team, everyone continues working on creating and building things. Gen de-petrifies a manga artist. Yo returns and offers to help rebuild the statues to compensate for his crimes. Tsukasa informs Ukyo and Taiju regarding the broken statues’ whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Chrome informs the other villagers of their victory. As for Senku, he starts creating a superglue to seal Tsukasa’s wounds. However, it’s not the ultimate solution. Senku tells Gen the superglue is there to buy more time for Tsukasa. While Kohaku brings the captives their food, Hyoga criticizes the Kingdom of Science. Kohaku is unfazed and expresses her faith in Senku. Senku then informs Tsukasa that he can only save him by turning him back to stone.

In the meantime, Senku creates a refrigerator that will freeze Tsukasa’s body. Tsukasa spends his final moments chatting with Senku. Shortly after, he passes away and is placed in the fridge. Mirai cries over Tsukasa’s frozen body and promises to protect him. Meanwhile, the search for the mysteries behind the petrification continues. Senku says the next step is building a ship. With that, the Kingdom of Science’s next journey is across the sea.

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