RHOBH: Funniest Fan Reactions To Dorit’s ‘Carcass Out’ Drink Request

Fans of RHOBH have noticed that Dorit has been ordering drinks with the lemon “carcass out.” The response to this on social media has been hilarious.

There have been plenty of interesting phrases to come from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives in general, but Dorit Kemsley’s drink order takes the cake. Many have stuck and made their way into the vernacular of viewers. Dorit’s well-known drink request to have lemon with the “carcass out” has fans puzzled yet entertained.

Dorit has had her moments throughout RHOBH, which have become memes and memorable quotes. From her interesting accent to her obsession with fashion and taking selfies, she’s always stood out from the rest of the cast for one reason or another. She’s truly made her mark even as one of the more recent additions to the show. Earlier in the season, another meme-worthy contribution was made by Dorit when she fangirled over Jamie Lee Curtis‘s charity items.


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However, it’s Dorit’s go-to drink order that has fans fascinated with her. While most are happy to order their drink with a lemon and be done with it, it seems that Dorit prefers to have the lemon juice squeezed into her drink and the lemon’s “carcass out” of the glass. A majority of RHOBH‘s viewers don’t ever recall hearing this term before.

Dorit’s Term Brings A Quirkiness To RHOBH

Reddit user PerniciousBeast appreciates the term for bringing a sense of quirkiness to RHOBH and that Dorit’s insistence to repeat the phrase as though it’s well-known is hilarious. Others in the thread are even beginning to notice that the term is catching on, with some bartenders and wait staff having patrons ask for their lemon drink “carcass out.” The Reddit user also took the opportunity to reference Dorit’s “fake British” accent on RHOBH, which fans also find amusing.

A RHOBH Fans Used The Term At A Bar

Reddit user szplza is a bartender and recently had a woman order a drink with the carcass out. When they asked if this was a reference to RHOBH, the lady said it was. This is a sign that Dorit’s quirky and never-before-heard term seems to be catching on and is also an example of how widespread the franchise is.

RHOBH Fans Slam The Term

Others aren’t so impressed with the new phrase. Reddit user SilverHinder believes there are plenty of other ways to go about it, including simply saying “leave the wedge out.” The mention of a carcass seems a little too graphic to this user and other RHOBH fans. The viewer also admitted that they picture “a rotting dead wildebeest” whenever Dorit orders her favorite drink.

Social media was quick to pick up on Dorit’s term on RHOBH. Many were intrigued, some entertained, and others just confused. Whatever the response, Dorit, who had many RHOBH confessional looks, seems to have yet again created mass discussion and perhaps even given birth to a phrase that could take the bartending world by storm.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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