Report: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Has Found Its New Developer

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake was reportedly delayed indefinitely in July partially due to developer Aspyr Media predicting that it would be too expensive to complete. It had moved on from the project, putting it in limbo. However, a new report from the same outlet has stated that the remake of the 2003 RPG has found its new team: Saber Interactive.

Bloomberg’s article notes that the remake will now be handled in one of Saber’s Eastern European teams. Saber was already helping Aspyr with the game and some of Bloomberg’s sources said last time around that they thought Saber would take over in Aspyr’s absence. Both Aspyr and Saber are both owned by Embracer Group, too.

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Aside from the first report, there was other evidence that pointed to the game jumping to a new team. During a financial report, the company said that one of its “AAA projects has transitioned to another studio within the Group.” Given the July report, many speculated that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was that unnamed game.

Aspyr won’t be leading the project anymore — something team leaders were allegedly still leaving as a possibility — but sources told Bloomberg that they feel the game will be better off now. People within Aspyr were pleased with a recent demo they presented to Sony and Lucasfilm, but the quality of it likely came as a result of its untenable burn rate. This was not as reflective of Sony and Disney, as this new report states they were “displeased with progress under Aspyr, which ultimately led to the transition.”

Embracer is also not “expecting any material delays” but the game doesn’t have a release date to be delayed from. Those who were on the project said it is at least two years away from being done.

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Saber Interactive is mostly known for its Snowrunner series and World War Z and not necessarily its role-playing games. Aspyr is known for Star Wars games, particularly the many recent ports that have come out over the last handful of years.

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