Pokémon GO: Magneton Raid Guide (Best Counters & Weaknesses)

Magneton is appearing as a 3-star Raid for a limited time in Pokémon GO. Bring any Fire-, Ground-, or Fighting-type to the raid to claim victory.

Magneton is returning to Pokémon GO Raids, appearing at a 3-star level. The Magnemite line is not particularly rare to find in the game, but doing many Magneton Raids in succession can offer trainers a much better chance of finding it as shiny. For trainers at a high level, Magneton is an easy solo due to its 4x weakness to Ground-type moves. However, for lower-level players, two or more people might be necessary to complete it. Magneton is appearing as part of the new July Raids, with a new Pokémon GO Battle Series.

Magneton is an Electric- and Steel-type, meaning Ground-type moves will be 4x effective on it, and Fighting- and Fire-type moves will be 2x effective on it. Magneton has resistance against many types: Normal, Rock, Bug, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy and Poison at a 1/2x rate, Flying and Steel at a 1/4x rate. Due to its excellent resistances, bringing any Pokémon besides super effective ones will not do the player much good. Instead, opt to bring only fully-evolved and high-CP Ground, Fire, or Fighting-type Pokémon.


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Some of the best possible Counters to Magneton are legendary fire and ground types, including Entei, Landorus, and Moltres in Pokémon GO. In addition, Pokémon that can mega evolve, such as Charizard, are also good options. For high-level players, bringing any of these Pokémon will guarantee an easy victory. However, these legendary Pokémon might not be easily accessible for lower-level players, so they can instead bring many of the more common Fire-, Fighting- or Ground-types.

Best Counters to Magneton in Pokémon GO

Best Fighting Counters for Magneton

  • Hariyama: evolves from Makuhita | Fast Move – Counter, Charged Move – Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario: evolves from Riolu | Fast Move – Counter, Charged Move – Aura Sphere
  • Conkeldurr: evolves from Timburr | Fast Move – Counter, Charged Move – Dynamic Punch
  • Machamp in Pokémon GO: evolves from Machop | Fast Move – Counter, Charged Move – Dynamic Punch

Best Ground Counters for Magneton

  • Donphan: evolves from Phanpy | Fast Move – Counter, Charged Move – Earthquake
  • Garchomp: evolves from Gible | Fast Move – Mud Shot, Charged Move – Earth Power
  • Rhyperior: evolves from Rhyhorn | Fast Move – Mud Slap, Charged Move – Earthquake
  • Golurk: evolves from Golett | Fast Move – Mud Slap, Charged Move – Earth Power

Best Fire Counters for Magneton

  • Flareon: evolves from Eevee | Fast Move – Fire Spin, Charged Move – Overheat
  • Typhlosion: evolves from Cyndaquil | Fast Move – Ember, Charged Move – Overheat
  • Blaziken: evolves from Torchic | Fast Move – Fire Spin, Charged Move – Blast Burn
  • Infernape: evolves from Chimchar | Fast Move – Fire Spin, Charged Move – Blast Burn

Magneton also evolves from Magnemite and evolves into Magnezone using 100 candies in the range of a Pokéstop with a Magnetic Lure in Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO is available now on iOS and Android.

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