Official Pokémon Car Makes Pikachu Your Travel Companion

One of the more surprising reveals at Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live was the Pokémon-themed MINI Aceman concept car, which has an eco theme.

One of the more unusual reveals at this year’s Gamescom is a brand-new official Pokémon Mini concept car that features Pikachu. Gamescom, a video games trade fair held in Germany, has kicked off for the year and will continue to August 28. Several games have already been announced, such as one based on the life of Pinocchio called Lies of P.

2022 is another big year for the Pokémon franchise, as the latest upcoming addition to the series, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, will be adding new Pokémon like Cyclizar to the roster. In addition to literally hundreds of creatures within the series, Pikachu has had his face on nearly every type of merchandise available. With all that fame and credibility behind such an iconic mascot, being on an electric car does seem like the natural next step.


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The gamescom opening night revealed a new MINI X Pokémon concept car, with a sleek UI that is Pikachu-themed. As shown by Thegameawards, this new MINI combines fun and functionality, just as it combines the MINI brand with Pokémon. Just as many cars nowadays can connect with smartphones, this car will be able to connect to gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. When turning the car on, Pikachu appears to greet the driver right on the dashboard, with information like the weather and how charged the car’s battery is. The car is also entirely electric, just as Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon. To top it off, the car also features LED lights on the outside, and a projector for displaying videos in the front. MINI has said that it hopes to be at Gamescom next year as well, hopefully with more updates on the car.

MINI Aceman Pokémon Concept Car Reflects The Games Visually

Although still only a concept, MINI’s Aceman looks like it fits the Pokémon aesthetic well, with numerous functions that could make long road trips a more fun and memorable experience. Its eco theme also lends itself well to Pokémon, with the series having previously engaged with themes of conservation and humanity’s relationship with the environment. It’s currently still only a concept car, however, so any prospective buyers will have to hold tight for now.

There were plenty of big reveals at Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live, and MINI’s Pokémon car was certainly one of the more surprising. Pokémon fans have plenty to look forward to outside of this particular concept vehicle in 2022, with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releasing in November.

Source: Thegameawards/YouTube

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