Never Have I Ever: 10 Things Fans Want To See In Season 4

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3!Season 3 of Never Have I Ever just dropped and fans are already eagerly counting down the days until the fourth and final season arrives, which was formally announced back in March 2022. Season 3 saw some of the best character development yet but still left room for dramatic antics, love triangles, and cliffhangers, leaving fans wanting more.

While the ever-present Devi-Ben-Paxton love triangle still hasn’t found its ideal resolution, fans are hopeful that a decision will be made by the time the credits roll for good on Never Have I Ever. However, Devi’s romantic life isn’t the only thing fans are hoping to see in the fourth and final season of the teen comedy series.


Devi & Her Friends Graduatingnever have i ever season 3 ending explained

With season 3 ending on the last day of Devi’s junior year, season 4 is primed to follow Devi’s senior year. While there are tons of senior antics fans are hoping to witness, like Devi’s last first day of high school and prom, the one activity fans need to see is a formal graduation episode or at least a scene.

Fans got a small taste of what a Sherman Oaks High graduation is like with Paxton this season but watching Devi and her friends graduate would just hit differently, especially since the show is all about Devi’s tumultuous high school journey.

More Character POV Episodesnever have I ever ben

Some of the best Never Have I Ever episodes every season are the ones that stay away from Devi’s point of view. Season 1 gave fans a Ben-centered episode, season 2 a Paxton one, and season 3 returned to Ben’s point of view for an important installment.

Not only are these episodes fun, but they give fans extra insight into the characters’ lives and who the characters would want narrating their inner monologues. While fans can’t decide who should get the next POV episode, they definitely know that they need another one in the final season.

Devi’s Love Triangle To Finally EndBlended image of Ben, Devi, and Paxton in Never Have I Ever.

A major plot line throughout all three seasons of Never Have I Ever has been the love triangle Devi has continuously found herself in with Ben and Paxton. Though the love triangle toned down this season, it still hasn’t been fully resolved.

While fans are split between Team Paxton and Team Ben, battling it out to decide which boy Devi should be with, both sides are ready for a decision to finally be made. Certainly, the show can’t end without resolving this tension in some way.

More Flashbacks With MohanMohan giving baby Devi her first harp

Despite not being a full-time character on Never Have I Ever, Mohan has a major influence on Devi and her family. Each season usually features a handful of flashbacks exploring Mohan’s relationship with either Devi or Nalini.

Fans are hoping that season 4 continues that tradition since there’s certainly more to learn about his relationship with his wife and daughter. And with Devi graduating, emotions will surely be running high since he won’t get to witness the major life achievement.

Kamala’s Arc To Be Explored Morenever have I ever kamala

In a surprising twist, Kamala took a bit of a back seat in season 3 of Never Have I Ever. After calling off her engagement, she moves out of Nalini’s house and begins to date Manish. However, that’s all fans really get to see of her.

From the very beginning, Kamala has been established as an intelligent, independent woman who wants to be a career woman despite her family wanting her to get married. Fans are eager to see how her arc continues to develop and if Kamala will hold strong about not wanting to get married or if she’ll agree to appease her family.

More Indian Holiday EpisodesDevi, Kamala, and Nalini in season 1 of Never Have I Ever wearing saris

It’s no secret that holiday episodes of television shows are often some of the most popular episodes. Over the course of its three seasons, Never Have I Ever has explored several American holidays like Valentine’s Day, as well as several traditional Indian holidays like the Ganesh Puja celebration in season 1 and Navratri in season 3.

Given that Devi’s Indian-American culture is so important to her character and family, fans are hopeful that season 4 will include another episode about an Indian holiday. Perhaps, an episode centered around Diwali.

Devi Getting Into Princetonnever have I ever devi

In addition to being stubborn and impulsive, Devi is also intelligent and a determined academic. Her need for academic success has always been one of Devi’s defining personality traits, and that hasn’t changed despite her tumultuous romantic life.

With her senior year beginning in season 4, fans are pretty certain that a good chunk of Devi’s arc is going to be centered around her trying to get into Princeton. She’s been through so much grief already; fans really hope she gets accepted so she doesn’t have to process another loss at such a young age.

Scenes With Paxton At CollegePaxton in his graduation gown in Never Have I Ever

With Paxton now officially a Sherman High graduate and on his way to ASU, some fans are worried that Paxton won’t be in season 4 as much. However, ASU isn’t that far from Sherman Oaks and it could be fun if Devi and Trent take a road trip up to see Paxton in college.

Season 4 could also give the individual point-of-view episode to Paxton so fans could witness his full college experience for an episode before diving back into Devi’s storylines. Whatever the case, fans definitely want to see Paxton in college since it’s a big accomplishment for his character.

Fabiola To Get More Screen Time

Despite being one of the best LGBTQ+ characters in teen shows, Fabiola continues to have some of the least screen time of the core cast of Never Have I Ever. While this season saw her caught in some romantic drama, she was mostly absent from major storylines.

Fans are hopeful that Fabiola will get the full Eleanor treatment in season 4 so they can witness her on the robotics team or even more of her family life that hasn’t been brought up since season 1.

Devi And Ben Battling It Out For Valedictorian

Devi and Ben have always been academic rivals before romantic interests in each other, and that hasn’t changed at all. In fact, their battle over valedictorian was brought up several times in season 3, even though they were only juniors.

With season 4 aimed to be about their senior year, fans are eager to see these two fight each other for the coveted academic title. It would be even more interesting if these two were dating while also competing.

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