MBFFL: Why Whitney Thore Has High Standards For Her Love Life

MBFFL’s Whitney has been through heartaches, but now she has a new level of expectations for her love life and isn’t settling for anything less.

Whitney Way Thore hasn’t been lucky in love on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, but now she’s setting high standards in her love life. Her relationships have yet to lead to a happily ever after and have instead ended in heartbreak and disappointment. The reality star isn’t giving up or settling for less than she deserves.

Viewers have watched MBFFL‘s Whitney in her troubled relationships and navigate the world of dating. It hasn’t been an easy road for the 38-year-old as she has put her heart on the line time and time again. Most notably, her relationship with Chase Severino, which was shown on MBFFL, looked as if it was the beginning of a beautiful love story. Their relationship was a big focus in MBFFL season 6 and captured the trajectory of their relationship as they became more serious about their future together. The pair became engaged, but unfortunately, they split shortly after. Later, it was revealed that Chase had cheated on Whitney and was expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend.


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Whitney’s strong sense of self and unbridled confidence has helped her bounce back. Since then, MBFFL‘s Whitney has started dating her French tutor, whom she met on a language app last year. Whitney doesn’t post much about her French beau, but she confirmed during MBFFL season 10 that they are still together and making their long-distance relationship work. Although everything seems to be going well with her Parisian boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t face a certain level of expectations. Whitney shared in an endearing Instagram post why her father, Glenn Thore, is setting the bar high for her love life. She posted a video of her father dancing with her mother, Babs Thore, writing, “Y’all know I had to hit you with the slow dance! If my husband doesn’t do this when I’m 76, I DON’T WANT IT! Why did Glenn Thore set an impossible bar?

Whitney’s parents, Babs and Glenn’s, marriage is inspiring as they just celebrated their forty-fourth wedding anniversary this year. Similar to any couple, they have faced life challenges and adversities, but they continue to prove that their love can survive anything. Their marriage was put to the ultimate test when Babs suffered a stroke last year, and their future was uncertain. Thankfully, Babs is recovering, and Glenn has not left her side even for a moment. Babs is living at Abbotswood Senior Living Community to get the treatment and care that she needs around the clock. Glenn is also a resident with her, and he is making the most out of every moment they have together.

Whitney’s parent’s marriage is a prime example of what real love looks like in the good times and bad. Growing old together is a privilege, and Glenn, who appeared on MBFFL season 9, isn’t taking that for granted, proving that real love and commitment aren’t too much to ask for. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star hopes to find that same level of love, support, and loyalty in her love life.

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