Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 2 — 10 Surprising Things We Learned From The Premiere

Love Is Blind: After The Alter is bringing Netflix’s favorite couple back to update fans on what the cast has been up to since their time in the pods came to an end. After a dramatic season finale with some couples leaving the alter in wedded bliss and others back on the dating market, there were a lot of questions about what would become of the pod squad.

From the premiere, it is clear the cast has remained close, and even though some moments are awkward for the couples who didn’t stand the test of time, they are still friendly.


10 Shake Isn’t Involved

Viewers had a hard time deciding if Shayne or Shake was a bigger villain on Love Is Blind, but the cast seems to have made their decision, as Shake is not involved in the new season but is referenced in a conversation with some of the female contestants.

Shake’s negative energy was not welcomed by the cast, who is trying to make the best out of their situations, leaving Shake to be excluded. With everyone looking to move on and remain friends having Shake around would ruin the positive vibe.

9 Everyone Is Healing

Anyone who has been on a reality show knows that the experience isn’t always positive, and the cast often has to face unpopular opinions about the show. Love Is Blind was not excluded from this, with the cast facing negative responses to themselves and their choices.

Mallory noted in the first episode she has been going to therapy to heal from her experience, and she isn’t the only one who needs to do some healing after being exposed on such a public stage. Anyone who was left single after the show agreed they needed time to process all that happened on the show.

8 Shayne and Natalie Broke Up

Shayne and Natalie had one of the most dramatic back-and-forth relationships on the show, and it seemed like they had things worked out by the finale, but that was short-lived. The couple broke up in dramatic fashion, with Natalie saying she never wanted to talk to Shayne again.

While Shayne remained tight-lipped about what happened, Natalie held nothing back, exposing Shayne and Shaina for being unfaithful. Within the first five minutes of the first episode, it is obvious Shayne and Shaina have remained close and are at least friends, if not more.

7 Shaina Has A Boyfriend

Shaina came into the season in a relationship, but the question is if she will stay in that relationship by the end of the season based on the drama surrounding the now infamous DMs between her and former flame Shayne.

What came as more of a shock is that Shaina’s boyfriend is an old flame who she reconnected with after the show had finished filming. So far, it seems the couple is on the same page with what they want, but with Shaina wishing to get married sooner than later, there is sure to be pressure on the couple.

6 Iyanna and Jarrette

Iyanna and Jarrette may be one of the most honest couples to come from a reality dating show. While most couples would put on a front about their marital issues, they have decided to be open about the struggles they have been facing since saying “I Do.”

Seeing the pair navigate the other’s personality and habits is a case study in the early stages of marriage, especially when the couple has had limited time to get to know one another in a natural setting.

5 Sal Has A Girlfriend

Fan watched Sal and Mallory in one of the worst moments of Love Is Blind when he said he couldn’t go through with the marriage. Sal didn’t appear in much of the first episode, which made it even more shocking when he showed up for the group trip for Natalie’s birthday with Jess, his new girlfriend.

His decision made the trip awkward for everyone since no one knew who his girlfriend was, and Mallory was forced to be around the pair while she is still single, which would be weird for anyone on or off the television.

4 Nick And Danielle Are Still In Wedded Bliss

Danielle and Nick made fans think they may not make it past the alter after many of their disagreements were aired on the show. However, the couple remains happily married and is one of the most solid couples to come from the show.

As one of the where are they now success stories from Love Is Blind, the couple is quickly becoming the most likable people on the show as they share their love with the world and show not all reality couples are doomed.

3 Nick Spends A Lot of Time With Danielle’s Family

In-laws don’t always get along with each other, but Danielle’s family is just as in love with Nick as she is, which makes their lives easier in many aspects. Danielle has noted that family is one of the most important things for her, so her husband and sister being best friends is one of the most comforting things in her life.

Her mother is a big fan of Nick as well, seen joking and sharing wine in the first episode and joking about how similar mother and daughter are in their personality.

2 Kyle and Deepti

Deepti quickly became one of the most popular contestants to come from Love is Blind when she left Shake at the altar for being dishonest and shallow with his opinions of her and women as a whole. But now it seems Deepti has her eye on another cast member, and the feeling is mutual.

After Kyle left the show single, he and Deepti became close and are now best friends, but both admit there is something more. Their potential love match will become of the best storylines of the season.

1 Shayne Is Excluded

Even though much of the group has remained close and gets along, even after breaking off their romances, Shayne remains an outsider as most of the cast stayed close with Natalie.

Some of this may come from the backlash Shayne received from the show, with fans calling him out for stringing along Shaina and Natalie throughout the season. His choices and how Natalie and his relationship ended created tension that no one wants to deal with, leaving him the outsider within the cast.

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