KOTOR Fans Have Come Up With Perfect HK-47 Casting

Fans really want What We Do in the Shadows’ Matt Berry to voice the beloved droid HK-47 for the upcoming Knights of the Old Republic remake.

Fans of Knights of the Old Republic may have found the perfect new voice for HK-47, Matt Berry. HK-47 is a fan favorite droid character designed to be an assassin, who’s beloved by fans for his dry sense of humor. Knights of the Old Republic, otherwise known as KOTOR, would more than likely see the character making a highly anticipated return in the planned remake.

Matt Berry is a renowned English comedian, writer, musician, and actor. He is well known for his role as the dapper yet hilariously crude vampire Laszlo Cravensworth in What We Do in the Shadows, along with the rest of his already impressive acting career. In addition to WWDITS, Berry provided the voice for the droid 8D8 in The Book of Boba Fett. Therefore, Berry is certainly no stranger to voicing droids, and many Star Wars fans were delighted by his performance.


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A fan of Knights of the Old Republic shared a series of clips of Matt Berry, stating he would be a perfect voice for HK-47 for the upcoming remake. Reddit user SeenNotScene shared a collection of clips of Berry as Laszlo in WWDITS and compared the character’s voice and humor to HK-47’s. Both HK-47 and Berry’s characters are known for their sharp wit and funny banter, so it’s no surprise that fans would love a Matt Berry character to interact with whenever they want. Both Laszlo and HK-47 are characters who have no problems when it comes to killing people, are quite good at it, and do it with posh-sounding voices that are even funnier to hear when they’re delivering candid lines about murder.

Fans Want Matt Berry to Voice HK-47 In KOTOR Remake

HK-47 is beloved for his hilarious wit paired with frighteningly detailed knowledge on how to kill Jedi Knights. Fans are hopeful that Berry could get the roll, given the fact that he’s already voiced a Star Wars droid before. However, with the reported delay of the Knights of the Old Republic remake due to developer issues, it isn’t a very optimistic hope. However, if Berry voicing HK-47 in the remake doesn’t happen, there is still the chance that it could come to be in the potential KOTOR movie or TV series. Either way, as many fans already agree, Berry would be an excellent fit for HK-47.

While one can hope Berry assumes the role, fans are no doubt eager to see HK-47, return whether it’s in the remake, a movie, or a TV series. If the Knights of the Old Republic remake or movie ever happens, fans will be looking forward to seeing their assassin droid friend again.

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