Isaiah Asks Sydney To Be His Girlfriend In Love Island USA Preview

Isaiah Campbell is done hurting Sydney Paight and ready to ask her to be his girlfriend in a new preview for the upcoming episode of Love Island USA.

Isaiah Campbell is done messing around and making Sydney Paight cry and is ready to give her a real commitment in the latest Love Island USA preview. Isaiah certainly stepped up his game after the Casa Amor drama with Phoebe Siegel. At the time, he wasn’t sure he wanted to keep pursuing his connection with Sydney. At first, he was smitten with the red-headed islander, and while he briefly got to know bombshell Valerie Bragg, no one could turn Isaiah’s head away from the 22-year-old Texas native. It wasn’t until Nadjha Day joined the villa that the contestant wondered if it was worth exploring a new connection at the Love Island USA villa.


However, it wasn’t Nadjha who ended up persuading Isaiah to recouple and leave Sydney single, but Phoebe who got Isaiah to give her a chance and take her back to the villa after Casa Amor. However, that chance ended pretty quickly, and Isaiah’s been on his best behavior ever since to prove to Sydney that he only wants to be with her. After a Twitter challenge where Sydney found out about insulting comments he made at Casa Amor, Isaiah is back in the dog house, and Sydney’s not sure if she should take him back. However, the Love Island USA contestant has a romantic plan to win Sydney over for good.

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Isaiah is determined to give Sydney exactly what she wants by asking her to be his girlfriend in the upcoming episode of the reality TV dating competition show. The official Love Island USA Twitter account tweeted a preview of episode 32, where Isaiah gets some of his male islanders to help him out with asking Sydney to go exclusive. “Tonight’s gonna be a big night for me,” Isaiah tells fellow contestants, Timmy Pandolfi and Jesse Bray. “I also wanted you to help me with making Sydney my girlfriend.” Both his friends looked ecstatic and were excited to help Isaiah with a romantic gesture that will warm Sydney’s heart.

Isaiah is then seen sprinkling rose pedals around the villa as Sydney does her makeup in the female islanders’ makeup room. Earlier in the preview, Isaiah sheds tears for the first time all season because it upset him to see Sydney so hurt. It’s unclear if Sydney forgives them during their talk or if Isaiah’s big question is his way of winning her over. Timmy and his partner Zeta Morrison were the first of the season to go exclusive after patching up their relationship that went south when Timmy recoupled with Bria Bryant.

This is definitely a big moment for Isaiah and shows just how much he’s grown throughout his experience on the show. If Sydney does take Isaiah back, she can be sure he’s for real this time and will not be turning his head for any new bombshells. As their relationship progresses, they may just make it into the final four couples.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays through Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on Peacock.

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