How To Grow Crops on Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

Like the Serenitea Pot of Genshin Impact, Warriors of Light can grow and harvest useful crops on their Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV.

One of the core features of the Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV is being able to grow crops for various crafting recipes, such as feed for player pets and livestock. Like most other gameplay mechanics of the Island, farming crops is not available from the start. Instead, Hydelyn’s adventurers must first speak with Furball, who will direct fans to talk to Produce Producer, a Gardener NPC located north of the player cabin on the Island Sanctuary.

After speaking with the Produce Producer, Final Fantasy XIV fans will gain access to two new modes in their Islekeep’s Index: Sow and Water. As their labels imply, Sow is the act of planting seeds in the soil, and Water enables players to provide moisture for the crops. Bear in mind that un-watered crops can die if not properly managed. Therefore, fans must be sure to visit their Island Sanctuary daily to water their crops if they aim to reap a bountiful harvest.


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When Sow is active on the Islekeep’s Index, an empty Item slot will appear on the right. According to YouTube content creator Quazii, this slot is where players will choose the seeds that they wish to plant in their Cropland. Additionally, be sure to double-check the seed’s info box to know how long the Growth Period is. After equipping the desired seeds in Final Fantasy XIV, select the plots of soil to begin Sowing the Cropland.

Growing Island Sanctuary Crops In FFXIV

As mentioned above, crops on the Island Sanctuary of Final Fantasy XIV must be watered repeatedly until the produce is ready for harvesting. To perform this action, swap to Water via the Islekeep’s Index and select the plots of land in need of watering. The soil will turn to a dark shade of brown, indicating that moisture has entered the dirt. Finally, once the crops are ready to be gathered, switch to the Gather mode on the Islekeep’s Index. The plants can then be farmed in the same fashion as gathering in The Wilds.

Thanks to research done by Fanbyte, Final Fantasy XIV fans can know all the available seeds for farming on the Island Sanctuary:

Seed Type
Island Tomato Seeds
Island Wheat Seeds
Island Popoto Set
Island Cabbage Seeds
Island Corn Seeds
Island Parsnip Seeds
Island Radish Seeds
Island Pumpkin Seeds
Island Onion Set

When a crop on Island Sanctuary is ready to be harvested, it will sparkle with shiny particle effects like the gathering nodes found on the island and other regions of Hydaelyn in Final Fantasy XIV.

Source: Quazii | Fanbyte

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