Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition Unboxing Reveals Expensive, Magical Items

The latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer came with an announcement of a few of the game’s more expensive editions just in time for when pre-orders go live on August 25 at 8 a.m. PT. The collector’s edition was listed, but Avalanche Software didn’t provide images of everything it contained in the trailer. Even though some retailers had those pictures, the studio has now released a full unboxing of its $299.99 edition (or $289.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC), showing off what players can expect if they buy the most expensive version.

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Community Manager Chandler Wood first provided a better look the steelbook that has the Hogwarts seal with the four houses on the front of it. There’s also an ancient magic wand that then “floats” on book, the latter of which is the biggest physical part of the package. The book is not a real book with pages, but it is open to a map of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas. It also has the ancient magic logo on the spine and a mysterious figure on the cover. The wand can only “float” and spin slowly in a circle once the book is plugged in. And as confirmed by Wood on Twitter, the PC version will come with a code for the game, but the console versions will have a disc.

The video also showed off the digital content coming in the collector’s edition (aside from the 72-hour early access, which obviously can’t be shown). The Dark Arts gear is, understandably, quite dark and adorned with skulls and an animated texture. It also had the Thestral mount, a reptilian, bat-like flying horse creature, in action. Thestrals won’t be available in the game for those who don’t get the collector’s edition, either. Footage of the wave-based Dark Arts Battle Arena was similarly short, but it was appropriately grim and in a dimly lit environment. The Kelpie Robe is like the Dark Arts gear in that it animates, but it is less brooding and more green.

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Many have been complaining about the price, as it seems to be much higher than other collector’s editions. Comments on the YouTube video and its Twitter post are rife with users pointing out its high cost and slim offerings.

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