Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3: 10 New Characters To Expect In The Upcoming Game

Warning: Contains spoilers for the new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 has finally been confirmed to be in development and is slated for release in 2024. Dragon Ball fans have long since been desiring this game and often wondered if it would ever come with how many DLCs continued to pump out for Xenoverse 2.

With the coming of Xenoverse 3 in 2024, there are many new characters to expect in the game. Thankfully, the Dragon Ball Super anime is also returning and will begin airing again in 2023. By the time Xenoverse 3 is ready to roll out, it will have lots of material to pull from.



Pan giving Piccolo a water bottle - Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

At last, it’s Pan’s turn to join the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. She didn’t do a great deal of fighting in Super Hero, but she still proved she could hold her own.

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Super Hero has offered some insight into how Pan might play, with her quick attacks and Piccolo-influenced fighting style. With the existence of Pan from GT in the game, it’s also possible she could borrow aspects of that character. Pan will also likely have two outfits to choose from, her training outfit and her school uniform.

Gamma 1 & 2

Gammas 1 and 2 from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The superhero android duo was crafted by the Red Ribbon Army. Many fans quickly fell in love with these two and found it interesting how they weren’t really villains, they were simply led to believe that Piccolo and Gohan were.

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Gamma 1 and 2 would, of course, fight as their own separate characters, but there is little distinction between the two of them in appearances and combat. Their attacks popping out in accordance with onomatopeia like in comic books would add a fun aspect to their fighting in the game.

Gohan Beast


Gohan Beast is Gohan’s new form in Super Hero, one that many fans can’t agree on whether they like it or not. The scene and form bear many resemblances to Super Saiyan 2 in the Cell Games, where Gohan was initially set up as the main protagonist.

Gohan’s characters in Dragon Ball games have mostly been the same for a while now, so to finally give him a new form will be interesting. Gohan’s movements will be less Goku-influenced and a bit harsher, with more Piccolo influence, like how he used to fight. This will involve far more aggressive gameplay than the character ever had before.

Orange Piccolo

Orange Piccolo poster - Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Orange Piccolo is the full unlocking of Piccolo’s power of Potential Unleashed, much like Gohan’s new form. The scene was incredibly symbolic and may go down as one of the best transformations in Dragon Ball.

This form is very much a berserker-like type of form that allows Piccolo far more physical strength and aggressive power. While Piccolo hasn’t used his giant form since the original Dragon Ball series, he did in Super Hero, so fans can expect to see Piccolo use this form in the game too. He will likely have one of the highest defenses in the game and reenact his initial scene upon his transformation when Gamma 2 is punching him.

Cell Max

Cell Max from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Cell Max is the final antagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and is far larger than his previous counterpart, Cell, one of the best villains in anime.

While it’s definite that Cell Max will be part of Cell parallel quests, it’s hard to know exactly how they will transition such a large character into the game. The most likely scenario is that he will serve as an enemy-only character, much like the Great Ape transformations were in the games. There will also probably be several raid battles involving the character too.


Seven-Three firing Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon - Dragon Ball Super color manga.

Seven-Three is a unique robotic alien that offered a fun and challenging new ability to Dragon Ball Super. Aside from Moro himself, Seven-Three is the most likely character from the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga to appear in the game.

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Seven-Three’s ability is what will make him such a fun and unique character in Xenoverse 3. By grabbing the back of someone’s neck, he can steal their abilities for about 30 minutes. It’s possible that in the game when he grabs someone he steals one or more of his opponent’s abilities and can take from multiple characters, much like he did in the manga.


Goku and Moro - Dragon Ball Super color manga.

Moro is the primary antagonist of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and undergoes multiple changes throughout his character, much like previous Dragon Ball villains.

Moro possesses many abilities that would make him a deadly character in Xenoverse 3. Those being his deadly ability to absorb energy from others and planets, making transformations against him useless and allowing him to constantly heal. And Seven-Three’s ability which he steals for himself. And after gaining Vegeta’s abilities he made even fusion against himself useless.


Granolah preparing attack - Dragon Ball Super color manga.

Granolah is the titular character of the current saga in Dragon Ball Super, Granolah the Survivor and he is already a relatively popular character and well received.

His combat will be interesting in Xenoverse 3, allowing him to stun enemies with his deadly pressure point attacks. What will make him so dangerous is that Granolah isn’t just a sniper attacking from afar, he also fights up close. In many ways, he’s a mix of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star and an anime sniper with a deadly aim.

Ultra Ego Vegeta

Ultra Ego Vegeta - Dragon Ball Super color manga.

Ultra Ego is Vegeta’s latest form and fans are still dying to see it animated. While they’ll have to wait for the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga to get adapted first, in time it will happen and eventually be added to Xenoverse 3 as well.

This form will work in similar ways to Majin Vegeta in this long-awaited Dragon Ball video game sequel, as it’s Vegeta returning to his roots once more. However, unlike Majin Vegeta, there are far more homages to Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga and even Frieza, as well. Fans will see Vegeta’s attacks featured in his fight against Granolah and he’ll be a far more terrifying character, like times of old.


Gas very well may be the primary antagonist of the Granolah the Survivor Saga and if he isn’t, he’s still one of the biggest. The characters to be added to Xenoverse 3 all offer various new ways to play the game and Gas isn’t any different. He uses a variety of weapons that he can summon and either attack from afar with or use upfront.

These will likely be part of his regular combos and his special attacks in the game. It may be some time before this character is added, but fans should expect him to appear as at least a DLC.

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