Do Kindle E-Readers Have A MicroSD Card Slot?

The Kindle storage doesn’t come with a lot of storage, and while it is enough to hold thousands of books, is it possible to add more storage?

With millions of books available to read, the 8GB or 16GB of storage available on most Amazon Kindle e-readers seem measly; it is not surprising for users, particularly new ones, to ask, “Do Kindles have a MicroSD card slot?” There are a lot of features to like about Amazon’s line of Kindle e-readers— from their easy-on-the-eyes e-ink displays to their long-lasting battery. These advantages give them an edge over reading on other electronic devices.


However, compared to tablets, one of the main alternatives, Kindles have minimal storage space. 32GB is the most storage available on a Kindle, and this capacity is exclusive to the Paperwhite Signature Edition and the Kindle Oasis. In contrast, there are tablets with as much as 1TB of storage, such as the iPad Pro 12.9.

RELATED: Huawei’s Newest Device Is More Than A Kindle RivalThe Kindle’s front-lit e-ink display and ultra-long battery life make it a suitable device for reading or even listening to audiobooks. However, users may soon find the available storage filling up fast, and unfortunately, they won’t be able to add more storage as there is no slot for a storage expansion card. None of Amazon’s Kindle models have a memory card slot, not even the Kindle Oasis, which is available in 8GB or 32GB configurations, or the new 11th Gen Kindle. However, Amazon knows that users may run into storage-related issues after a while and offers some solutions.

Even 8GB Of Storage Can Hold Thousands Of Books

For starters, it offers free cloud storage for all Amazon content. This means that any book, comic, or audiobook purchased from Amazon is stored for free on Amazon’s servers. So if a user is running out of space, they can clear space by deleting completed books. While the books may be gone from their device, it is still in their Kindle cloud library (Amazon’s servers) and can be restored whenever a user wishes.

Also, while a Kindle with 8GB of storage can hold thousands of books, it sure is small by 2022 standards. Thankfully, Amazon is now bumping up the storage on new models. The recently-announced Kindle (2022) and Kindle Kids (2022) come with 16GB of storage, double that of the previous generation. Based on this development, it is safe to presume that when Amazon refreshes the other models, they should come with more storage, too, thus phasing out the 8GB models. So while Amazon’s Kindles don’t have a MicroSD card slot like its Fire tablets, it doesn’t mar the experience of using one.

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