Devil In Ohio Trailer: Emily Deschanel Fights A Dangerous Cult

Netflix has released a new trailer for its upcoming thriller series Devil in Ohio, starring Emily Deschanel as a doctor at odds with a cult.

Netflix has released the first trailer for its upcoming limited series Devil in Ohio. Starring Emily Deschanel as Midwestern psychiatrist Suzanne Mathis, the show marks her first major role since her 12-year run as Temperance in Bones and her stint in season 4 of TNT’s Animal Kingdom. Led by showrunner Daria Polatin, the series is based on her 2017 novel of the same name, which is inspired by real events. Focusing on Dr Mathis and her decision to take in a young woman who has escaped a mysterious cult, things quickly start to unravel when it becomes apparent that she is more important to the cult than first thought.


Now, Netflix has shared the first trailer for Devil in Ohio. Opening with Mathis’ first encounter with the seemingly traumatized girl named Mae (Madeleine Arthur), the doctor is quick to open her home to the teenager while she awaits a more permanent foster family. Though the rest of the household expresses trepidation over their new guest, Mae quickly seems to become enamored with the kindness of her new mother figure. As the police start to uncover Mae’s important role within the cult, things take a sinister turn as she seeks to cement her place in Mathis’ life. Check out the trailer below:

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Co-starring alongside Deschanel and Arthur in the 8-episode series are Xaria Dotson, Sam Jaeger, Gerardo Celasco, Alisha Newton, and Naomi Tan. In addition to showrunning, Polatin also serves as an executive producer alongside Rachel Miller, Andrew Wilder and Ian Hay, with John Fawcett, Brad Anderson, Leslie Hope and Steve Adelson also attached to direct. Devil in Ohio arrives on Netflix on September 2.

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