Dead Island 2 Will Launch With Alexa Game Control

The upcoming zombie slaughterfest, Dead Island 2, will be the first title to incorporate Amazon’s newest gaming voice tool, Alexa Game Control.

The newly revived Dead Island 2 will be launching with Alexa Game Control compatibility. First announced way back in 2014, Dead Island 2 had been stuck in development hell for eight years with no official word from publishers on its progress outside the multiple changing of developers. Fans finally got a new look at Dead Island 2 when its long-awaited trailer premiered, alongside several other reveals, at Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live.

The first Dead Island, released in September 2011, was a notable RPG game set in a modern zombie survival horror setting. Players were tasked to survive in the fictional island resort of Banoi, which had suddenly suffered a zombie outbreak. Much like Borderlands, another modern RPG that wrestled control of the genre away from the fantasy setting, Dead Island‘s class system revolved more around weapon proficiency and preference rather than unique abilities allowing players to find and cultivate their own methods of annihilating their undead adversaries. Though not offering anything revolutionary in gameplay or mechanics, Dead Island stood apart from its competitors by reveling in the grizzly spectacle of zombie killing. Each attack, no matter how damaging, was sure to shower players in gore and incredibly crunchy visceral sound effects. The focus on gruesome carnage will, no doubt, continue in the sequel, due to Dead Island 2‘s newest Gamescom release date gameplay trailer needing to be heavily censored for the conference.


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As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, Dead Island 2 will be the first game of several upcoming titles to include an Alexa Game Control Feature. Making its debut at Gamescom 2022, Alexa Game Control is a tool that can be paired with both PC and console games, allowing players to interact with them using only their voice. As of now, the main attraction is the ability to perform simple commands that would otherwise slow down gameplay, such as switching weapons, pulling up a world map, and showing a quest’s location. However, developers are also encouraged to program commands unique to each game if desired. In the case of Dead Island 2, Alexa Game Control will allow for features, such as taunting and luring zombies, interaction with NPCs, activating special combat abilities, and locating nearby crafting workbenches. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence Amazon leaked Dead Island 2’s February 2023 release date, given Dead Island 2 is to be the first game to utilize Alexa Game Control.

Alexa Game Control Offers New Possibilities For Dead Island 2

While a novel idea thus far, it should be noted that Alexa Game Control reportedly is confirmed only for PC and Xbox at the moment. Currently, no confirmation for PlayStation compatibility has been issued by Amazon. Further, the tool operates only with the English language in North America, however, Amazon has stated that more languages and regions will be available soon. Hopefully, console and language limitations aren’t the only things the Alexa Game Control will overcome. Though performing basic actions with Alexa can help preserve immersion, the possibilities of more refined in-depth experiences such as NPC dialogue interactions are too tempting to ignore.

Though details on Alexa Game Control’s functionality are brief, the support for Dead Island 2 should be a relief for fans who have endured so many years of vague updates on the Dead Island sequel. While it remains to be seen if the title will live up to the hype, it seems that Dead Island 2 is shaping up to be another macabre romp of zombie slaying fun. As long as it’s not another eight years before the next update, it’s going to be interesting to see what’s in store for Dead Island 2 and the Alexa Game Control next.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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