Dave Bautista Prepares For Dune 2 Filming In New BTS Images

Dave Bautista shares new behind-the-scenes images of him preparing for Dune 2 filming, as he transforms into the villain Glossu Raban Harkonnen.

Dave Bautista prepares for Dune 2 filming with new behind-the-scenes images of him transforming into Glossu Rabban Harkonnen. Director Denis Villeneuve recently took on the challenge of adapting Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel series. The first Dune movie debuted in theaters in 2021 to great acclaim, as reviews praised Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic. Audiences responded in a big way too, as the movie became a box office hit grossing over $400 million worldwide (even as it streamed on HBO Max simultaneously). All the success guaranteed Villeneuve could continue his plans for a Dune franchise, including a sequel that covers the second half of Herbert’s first book.


Due to the density of the source material, Villeneuve split Dune‘s story into two movies. The first movie chronicled Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he begins a journey to lead a rebellion against House Atreides’ biggest rival, House Harkonnen. The plans for Dune 2 meant the first movie included several characters and cast members for small roles that will expand in the sequel. Zendaya’s Chani is one of these characters, as are most of the people involved with House Harkonnen. Warner Bros. previously announced that audiences will see the next chapter in this story when Dune 2 releases in theaters in 2023.

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Production on Dune 2 began earlier this summer, but it has now been revealed that Bautista is only just now reporting to duty. The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared images and videos on Instagram of him preparing to film Dune 2 by shaving his beard. Bautista’s new clean-shaven look matches what he looked like as Glossu Rabban Harkonnen in the first movie.

Since Dune 2 began filming in July 2022, it seems that the production was able to go on for about a month before Bautista was needed. The sequel will largely focus on Paul and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) spending time with Chani and the Fremen on Arrakis as they mount their rebellion. Bautista’s Glossu Raban Harkonnen should be part of the other side of Dune 2‘s story, which will involve House Harkonnen regaining control of Arrakis.

Bautista’s small role in Dune disappointed some viewers, but now that he is back filming Dune 2, the sequel should not make the same mistake. Raban is a major character in Frank Herbert’s novel and the Harkonnen story after they retake Arrakis. This should include giving audiences a very clear picture of how ruthless of a leader Bautista’s character is as House Harkonnen’s reach expands in Dune 2. Hopefully, Dave Bautista continues to share small updates on Dune 2‘s production now that he has reported to set.

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