Dan Gheesling’s Big Brother story told through memes

Dan Gheesling is one of the most iconic players in Big Brother history. He is known for his clever, strategic gameplay, shocking ability to get out of the seemingly most difficult situations, and his entertaining and insightful Diary Room sessions.

It’s no surprise that he has been memorialized in memes, even more than a decade after he first appeared on the show. Naturally, the memes mostly focus on Gheesling’s tremendous skill, but some also focus on his career path after winning the show and going back into the real world.


7 Alignment Chart

Alignment charts are popular for memes, and Dan Gheesling is one of many people who fans have created one to honor. This highlights his various expressions and different situations and how each falls into different categories like “lawful good,” “chaotic good,” and “neutral evil.”

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Most of the images include photos of Gheesling on Big Brother, including his evil grin for “chaotic evil” while clearly plotting some type of plan to get an enemy out of the house. The “true neutral,” meanwhile, shows him with a headset and gaming, which is an occupation he took on after being on the show.

6 A Rare Card

Appearing in the form of a collectible card, this meme features Gheesling as though he is a rare card that someone might get in a pack of cards featuring Big Brother players. He is wearing his signature red headband and St. Mary’s football T-shirt, with his elbows up on the back of the chair, much like he always did during his Diary Room sessions.

He is given a rating of six out of nine and is deemed a “legendary creature.” The hilarious quote “upvotes to the left” parodies his popularity in the house: Gheesling remains one of few people to play the game and never have a vote cast against him. It’s no wonder he is considered one of the best Big Brother contestants of all time.

5 Boogie Missed The Antics

Another legendary player from Big Brother is Mike “Boogie” Malin, who was one-half of the Chilltown alliance with Dr. Will Kirby during season 3. The joke here is that Boogie missed all the antics Gheesling got up to during his season.

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In reality, Boogie did play with Gheesling when they both returned as coaches for season 14. The thumb and pinky to the ear and mouth mimicking a phone is something Boogie, who is also credited with being one of the most clever and ruthless players in the game, often did during Diary Sessions with Dr. Will. They made these fake phone calls to mock how the other houseguests were falling for their antics. So, it would make sense the image is used against him to suggest he missed an even better player doing even more clever things.

4 Obsessed With BB

The “Little Miss” memes are trending now, featuring images from the popular Little Miss drawn characters from the ‘80s. This one features an angry, purple-faced Little Miss, arms folded indicating that she is “obsessed with Big Brother.”

While it doesn’t feature Gheesling specifically, it’s a no-brainer that anyone obsessed with the show would know exactly who he is and likely name him among one of their favorite players ever. While some believe Gheesling might not be able to play the same flawless game he did now, others believe he’s an old-school houseguest who would succeed in the modern era of Big Brother. Either way, there’s no denying he played a great game both times, pulling moves out of hats that would have had any other houseguest sent home.

3 Flooding Northernlion

This is one of few memes that focus on Gheesling after the show, featuring his head plastered over someone else’s body, holding up a paper with a message. The message references Northernlion, another popular Twitch gamer and YouTuber, and host of his own show, NorthernLion Live Super Show.

The misspelling excepted (the creator forgot the “N” in “Northerlion,”) it’s a funny meme that true Gheesling fans would understand if they continued to follow him long after his time on the show. Considering Gheesling was responsible for some of the best double evictions ever on Big Brother, plenty of fans continued to look into what he has been up to in the past years.

2 The Funeral

The Funeral is one of Gheesling’s most iconic moments on the show. And solidifies his ranking as one of the smartest Big Brother players ever. During a 24-hour period in solitary confinement, the result of a competition punishment, Gheesling concocted a plan to fake throwing his ally under the bus, gain favor and sympathy from others in the house, and save himself from eviction.

It worked flawlessly, becoming one of the best moves ever in the game. This meme highlights this moment as a way to suggest that Gheesling is an amazing player. It goes even further to cleverly use lyrics from the popular Smash Mouth song “All Star.” The implication is that he should have (or still show) play in an All-Star season. The hook of the song continues: “Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play…”

1 Ryan, Is That You?

Some may not have noticed, but Gheesling does have a slight resemblance to the actor B.J. Novak, who played Ryan Howard in The Office. This meme brings this to the forefront with an image from the sitcom of Howard giving side-eyes, something Gheesling was known for doing while speaking in the Diary Room.

The caption continues to discuss how the poster came across this very image when searching for “Dan Gheesling” on Google images. It’s funny that even Google mistakes the two for one another when using facial recognition algorithms for photos. Whether the poster is being truthful or not about the search result, the meme is funny, nonetheless.

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