Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Spike

At this point, a Firefly reboot is easier than Buffy the Vampire Slayer because who could replace Spike, the platinum punk who entered the series as a Big Bad and ended it as a big hero? Thanks to an engaging performance by James Marsters, Spike was able to go from terrorizing the Scooby Gang to becoming one of them, and even forming a romantic relationship with The Slayer, one of his sworn enemies.

Fans have been celebrating all of Spike’s plucky comments, his complicated bond with Buffy, and his hilarious relationship with the Scoobies in a series of memes that perfectly capture his punk-rock personality and well-developed redemption arc.


Spike Is One Sexy Vampire

Angel might have been the first undead heartthrob to get attention in the series, but Spike would eventually usurp him as the main vampire in the eyes of fans as well as The Slayer. With his razor-sharp cheekbones, piercing eyes, and witty commentary, he emanated charisma even in a Hawaiian shirt or wearing a hat with earflaps.

This Magneto meme compares Spike to Dracula, the most famous vampire of all time, and his former broodmate Angel, with Spike epitomizing what it means to be a “sexy vampire.” It wasn’t just his looks that earned him the title, however; Spike got a long and complicated character arc filled with turmoil, angst, and redemption. His status as a bad boy trying to be a hero made him even more appealing.

His Bad Boy Status Stole The Show

When Spike arrived in Sunnydale he was initially intended to simply be a threat to Buffy in her budding days as a slayer – a remorseless killer whom she would kill to prove her dominance and nothing more. His personality was appealing, however, and when he returned with Harmony he had an even more charismatic development to the point where creator Joss Whedon couldn’t remove him from the series.

Spike became a character that fans loved to hate and hated to love, because while he was sworn the kill The Slayer, there was something about his swagger and attitude that couldn’t be denied. He became a good foil for the Scoobies, even as an ally, because even when he was turned into a good guy, he was still a bad boy.

He Screwed Over The Scooby Gang (But At Least He Was Upfront About It)

At first, Spike didn’t really respect the Scooby Gang, but understood their importance to The Slayer as her chosen friends and ties to a regular life. Even though they meant something to Buffy, that didn’t stop him from selling them out every chance he got.

Spike knew that they had about as much love for him as he did for them, and he figured that he was hedging his bets turning them over to a demon or a more powerful vampire before they staked him. At least with Spike, they knew what they were getting.

He Fought By Buffy’s Side

One of the best decisions Spike made was fighting by the Scooby Gang’s side. Not only did it offer him a group of allies, it earned him The Slayer’s respect. With the chip in his head installed by The Initative, he couldn’t hurt humans anymore, but could use his considerable super strength and other vamp abilities against the supernatural forces that plagued Sunnydale.

Becoming an honorary (or begrudging) member of the Scooby Gang did mean that other vampires were quite confused when Spike chose to fight by The Slayer’s side. This added a layer of unintentional amusement whenever Buffy insisted that fighting alongside one another didn’t make them “friends.”

He Could Be A Pain

Spike was a consistently great villain throughout the series, but eventually, he became more of a stake in The Slayer’s side rather than a real threat. Once he was defanged by The Initiative, he had to be wrangled by Buffy and the Scooby Gang until they could be sure he was trustworthy.

This variant meme perfectly sums up Buffy’s frustration with having to deal with Spike and his constant quips and remarks, making her slayer duties even harder with his nonstop commentary. In truth, Spike liked to get a reaction from The Slayer even if it wasn’t a pleasant one because any reaction was better than no reaction. Later, he would realize it was due to his suppressed romantic feelings.

Spike Had Some Bloody Awful Poetry

Prior to gaining his more violent sobriquet, Spike was known as William the Bloody because of his “bloody awful poetry” rather than his homicidal urges. All of his peers castigated him for expressing his feelings, so when Drusilla made him into a vampire, he felt powerful and confident.

As Spike, he could kill anyone who didn’t like his prose, which gave him a sense of righteous satisfaction. Fans learning about his past acquired a lot of empathy for Spike when they realized that deep down beneath his bristly exterior was a sensitive poet with a love for florid language. On Angel, he finally got to recite some of his original poems and finally received the validation he craved.

Spike Has A Reputation

It took over a century for Spike to carefully build up his fearsome reputation, including killing two slayers, and trying to open the Hellmouth beneath Sunnydale. Aside from being known as a bloodthirsty killer, he was also known as a superior fighter and a smooth operator (at least in his mind).

This meme celebrates not only how Spike came across in the series, but how he saw himself. Most people around him, including The Slayer, had to be willing to see Spike’s potential to be great past the insults and bad boy demeanor.

He Acted Really Strangely After He Had Feelings For Buffy

Spike acquiring feelings for Buffy had the unintended result of making him a comic relief character who stuffed his unrequited love down under a defensive armor of sarcasm and nonchalance. Secretly pining for The Slayer and building his obsessive Buffy shrine, he did a lot of things that detracted from his reputation as a fearsome vampire.

Some fans might have preferred Spike and Drusilla as a couple, but being with Drusilla didn’t give Spike the chance to grow and develop into someone else. His love for Buffy enobled him to the point that he went as far as to get his soul back just to be with her.

He Got A Soul Just To Be With Buffy

Spike had quite the transformation over the years, from Big Bad in season 2, to part of the Scooby Gang, and finally serious love interest for The Slayer. It was the metamorphosis he went through while in love with Buffy that made the most impact, especially once she had to pull away from the intensity of their feelings. Once he tried to force himself on her, the only way to redeem himself in her eyes was to get a soul.

Even after he went through everything to get one, Buffy still had difficulty getting past what he’d done to her. At the same time, he was plagued by the guilt he felt for all the victims he’d killed over his years of carnage with his brood. Spike was an absolute mess for a while and impossible to take seriously until he committed to living his life as a penitent warrior for good.

Joss Whedon Wasn’t A Fan Of Buffy & Spike’s Relationship

Since Spike wasn’t originally supposed to have such an influence on the series when he originally appeared, creator Joss Whedon never intended for the vampire to become Buffy’s love interest, especially since she’d already been involved with Angel.

Whedon never could have anticipated the reaction that fans would have to Spike, nor their acceptance of him and Buffy becoming a romantic item. Eventually due to their chemistry and popularity, he had no choice but to write storylines focusing on their epic love story about opposites attracting.

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