Black Noir’s Secret Superpower Was a Clue to The Boys’ Homelander Twist

Clues towards the biggest twist in The Boys were made with one scene teasing Black Noir’s powers and connection to Homelander.

Warning! Spoilers for The Boys comic book and television series below!

One of The Boys’ most infamous scenes actually hinted at Black Noir’s Homelander twist, as the Supe surviving a deadly incident was a significant clue about who he really was under the mask. In The Boys #21, The Seven’s failed attempt to save a hijacked plane during 9/11 features Black Noir falling off the aircraft and plunging his death. However, given the later reveal that Black Noir was secretly a Homelander clone, his powers explain how he survived when nobody understood how he lived.

The Boys #21 by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Simon Bowland, and Tony Avina is one of the deadliest single issues of the series. The comic focuses on The Legend telling Hughie about one of the darkest days of The Seven, as the superteam attempted to save passengers on a hijacked plane during 9/11. However, after Homelander lost control and the team’s original speedster Mister Marathon was killed in the rescue mission, things got out of hand. While things fell apart, Black Noir nearly died in the mission but somehow survived falling from the sky, a moment that hinted at his powers and the twist that the Supe was a clone of Homelander.


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In The Boys #21, The Legend recounts the incident with The Seven that led to a hijacked plane on 9/11 crashing into the Brooklyn Bridge and killing thousands. One of the more interesting details is when the superhero expert reveals that Black Noir nearly died during the mission after he fell off the plane and plunged to the ground. However, as The Legend puts it, “no one knows how Black Noir live through that one. They’re bred tough – but not that tough.” However, the moment was a huge clue towards Black Noir’s Homelander twist revealed later in the series.

Black Noir Homelander Twist

Black Noir survived the incident because, unbeknownst to The Seven, he was actually a clone of Homelander in disguise. While any non-flying members of the superteam would not have survived the fall, Black Noir was able to do the impossible because he had the same powers, including flight, as the Supe he was created from. It’s a notable hint to The Boys‘ ultimate Homelander twist and shows how the reveal was already being teased.

In the end, The Boys drops several hints about Black Noir being Homelander that was easily missed, including a fake origin that referred to him as the “darkest” Supe on the team. But, while Black Noir surviving the incident on 9/11 didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, it ended up alluding to The Boys’ twist involving the character’s true powers and connection to Homelander – albeit in an extremely subtle way.

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