Big Brother: 10 Things You Need To Know About Taylor Hale

During Big Brother 24, Taylor Hale emerged as one of the most likable fan-favorite contestants on the show. The eternal optimist showcased a shrewd game plan that neither alienated nor clung to her roommates. As such, the other houseguests viewed her as a threat and earned criticism for the way they treated Taylor during the season.

Now that the summer of 2022 is over and Big Brother 24 is wrapping up, it’s time to peel back the curtain and learn a little more about Taylor Hale.


Age, Birthplace And Zodiac Sign

Born on Dec. 31, 1994, in Detroit Michigan, Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale is currently 27 years old. The Motown native was raised by her parents in Detroit along with her siblings and has continued to call Michigan her home as an adult. According to her BB bio (via Parade), Taylor currently resides in West Bloomfield, an upscale Township not too far from downtown Detroit.

Being born on New Year’s Eve means Taylor is a Capricorn. Defined by their ambition, organization, and hardworking sense of hustle, it’s no surprise that Taylor is such an effervescent go-getter. Hopefully, the beloved BIPOC Big Brother player can use her Capricorn traits to outwit her competitors before BB24 ends.

Educational Background

At first blush, many may wrongfully assume that Taylor is just another pretty face on the all-time beloved reality TV show. On the contrary, according to her official Facebook (via NewsUnzip), Taylor graduated from the prestigious George Washington University, a private federally chartered university located in Washington, DC. According to TV Overmind, Taylor majored in organizational science and minored in communications, proving her vast intellect. Once she graduated after four years, Taylor became a personal assistant to pursue her passion for high fashion.

Per Angelopedia, Hale is also fluent in English and French and used her educational background to land an internship for Essence Magazine shortly after graduating. As such, it’s no surprise that Hale immediately went into the professional world of modeling and fashion.

Won Miss Michigan In 2021

One of the coolest things to know about Taylor Hale is that she was named Miss Michigan USA in August 2021 and went on to compete for Miss USA later in November of the same year. Although she didn’t place, she was ultimately named Miss Congeniality 2021 for her undeniably magnetic personality.

A proud representative of her home state, Taylor actually got her start on the pageant circuit by competing for Miss District of Columbia 2017 while still in college (per Hollywood Life). She finished in the Top 15, encouraging her to continue her competitive spirit. Additional pageant accolades include being named Miss Spirit of Detroit, Miss Pure Michigan 2019, and Miss Michigan 2020 runner-up.

Works As A Personal Stylist

Considering her educational and competitive background, it makes perfect sense that Taylor currently works as a personal stylist in the West Bloomfield area. Leaving her competitive pageant days behind, Taylor is now paid to use her wealth of glamorous fashion expertise to help others look and feel their absolute best.

Despite her vocation, Taylor told Parade that she does not plan to let her glamorous image fool the audience or her BB housemates, saying, “I work in the beauty industry. I know a lot of people will assume all I have is beauty. But there is a lot more underneath me. I am a lot more cunning than people expect me to be. So I’ll let them think I’m stupid, and then I’ll slit their throats on the back end.” Who knew BB and the fashion industry were just as cutthroat?

Big Brother Non-Strategy

When breaking down her approach to winning the long-running reality TV show, Taylor told Parade, “I will admit strategy is not going to be my strength here…but I’m here to play a hardcore game.” As such, Taylor planned to forego alliances with those who did not have strong gameplay strategies. She added, “We’ve seen serious strategists are the ones that end up getting taken out first when an alliance comes down to voting on itself. I don’t want to be doing the hard work when it comes to strategizing.”

While her non-strategy was somewhat risky, Taylor added that her plan on the show is to prove how formidable female players can be, saying, “Coming from the beauty industry, I’m here to prove that women have a lot more to offer than what’s just on the outside. And you can use your wit, your cunning, your charm to get very far in this game. I plan on leaving with that $750K at the end of this.”

Considers Herself Very Optimistic

Despite her admitted plans to slit the throat of her competitors, Taylor considers tells Parade, “I’m very optimistic,” a quality she thinks actually hurts her chances in the household. She said, “I won’t say I’m a bubbly person, but I’m very outgoing. And I know that typically those people are the ones that have some trouble sticking it out in the long run in the game.”

While it’s true the most popular BB players always run a risk of being viewed as a threat and are often preemptively voted off before they really deserve it, Taylor shrewdly noted she had to adjust her game plan, adding, “The houseguests might not like that I have all this big personality. So I might have to work on tamping it down so I can get far in the game.”

Active On Instagram And Twitter

What fans probably want to know most is where to follow Taylor Hale on social media. Indeed, as a fashionista, model, influencer, and popular reality TV star, Taylor has wisely used her Instagram (@thetaylormack), Twitter (@TMackenzieH), and other accounts to promote her brand, increase her fanship, and build her career for the future.

While her Instagram used to be private, she’s recently unlocked it and quickly amassed over 56K followers to go with another 19K Twitter followers. Fans can learn all about Taylor’s pageant experience, magazine cover shoots, fashion tips, and clothing tutorials, and witness her collection of jaw-dropping professional photos and charming selfies alike.

Hates The Nickname Tay

Tay is a nickname often used for people named Taylor. However, going by her Instagram bio hashtag “DontCallMeTay,” it’s clear that Tay isn’t crazy about the moniker. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, nobody in the BB household makes a mistake and lets the nickname slip. Otherwise, those throats might really get slit!

While the piece of trivia is fairly inconsequential, something fans might get excited to know is that, following her Miss Michigan victory in 2021, Taylor took up the invitation to throw out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers baseball game, an event she proudly posted on Instagram. Is there anything Taylor can’t do?

Net Worth

For those who are interested in the bank accounts of celebrities, it’s worth noting that Taylor is already nearing millionaire status before the age of 28. According to NewsUnzip, the beloved Big Brother female player currently has a net worth of somewhere between $750,000 to $850,000, which she looks to literally double by winning the $750,000 BB grand prize. It would be unwise to bet against her.

Moreover, considering what a fan favorite she’s become on the show and seeing how she’s been leaning into her social media presence in the last few months, fans can expect to see Taylor’s monetary gain increase dramatically once the show concludes.

Named Reality TV Star Of 2022

Taylor took to Instagram on Aug. 31, 2022, to announce that she was named the Favorite Reality Star of the Year at the 2022 Scoop Awards. After all that she’s endured on the reality show and the poor treatment she’s received from fellow housemates, it’s refreshing to see Taylor be rewarded for staying true to herself throughout the process.

Even more impressive, Taylor bested Love Island UK‘s Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack, the fan-favorite couple that finished in third place. No matter what transpires at the end of BB24, Taylor has won the hearts of fans everywhere for her inherent talent and even better personality.

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