Big Brother: 10 Old School Houseguests Who Would Succeed In The Modern Era

Big Brother 24 is still in the pre-jury phase, and the houseguests have implemented similar strategies seen in recent seasons. Ever since season 16, a common gameplay approach is to form a large alliance and then simply dominate the game. This marked a significant shift from the previous seasons, as they typically relied more on smaller alliances and manipulation.

Some old-school Big Brother players have come back and competed in the modern version of the show, but most did not do well. These are some old-school players who have a lot of potential though, and would likely do well in the recent seasons of the show.


Will Kirby – Big Brother 2 & 7

Will is in almost everyone’s top three Big Brother players of all time. His strategic and manipulative gameplay were incredibly effective, which enabled him to win Big Brother 2 and place 4th in Big Brother 7.

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Will was only loyal to his Chilltown member Boogie, so he backstabbed everyone else. He was nominated a lot in Big Brother 2, but he escaped every eviction. In Big Brother 7, he had a big target on his back as the only winner, but manipulated other people to take out bigger targets, like Howie and James. Even though he lost every competition, his mind games would still be incredibly effective in the modern era. Even if he is not a part of the initial majority alliance, he showed his ability to influence others to not target him.

Danielle Reyes – Big Brother 3 & 7

Danielle was the runner-up on Big Brother 3 and returned for Big Brother 7. She was a great, intelligent competitor who was the victim of a bitter jury. Danielle was someone who worked really well behind the scenes, she never had that large of a profile inside the house, as she was only loyal to Jason.

Big Brother 7 saw her in a more active position, as she voiced her opinions more. Her assassin-like gameplay would excel in today’s game. Everyone would target the strong, physical houseguests first, while she would slide by. She would then orchestrate the downfall of everyone else, while they were busy with obvious threats.

James Rhine – Big Brother 6 & 7

James first appeared on Big Brother 6 where he broke the then-record of four veto wins in a season. He returned one season later to all-stars. James was an all-around dynamic player, and he helped season 6 become one of the most watched Big Brother seasons ever. He was a threat in competitions and had a sound head on his shoulders when it came to strategy.

James’ one fault was his loyalties were all over the place. He betrayed the sovereign six alliance in both seasons he played. However, James would be asked to join the majority alliance in today’s game due to his physical capabilities. He would have a chance to go farther in today’s game as he placed seventh in both seasons.

James Zinkand – Big Brother 9

James was on the polarizing Big Brother 9. Although this season took a lot of criticism, Jame’s game was interesting to watch.

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James was a sociable player who did not ruffle a lot of feathers early on. The other houseguests even brought him back right after they voted him out, due to a twist. He was also the first player ever to win three vetoes in a row. His ability to tend good relationships and win competitions would have pushed James into the majority alliance in modern Big Brother, which would have made James go far.

Dan Gheesling – Big Brother 10 & 14

Dan is highly agreed upon as one of the best players ever. There is no doubt that if he played in today’s game, he would do just as well. Dan won Big Brother 10 because he gave off the impression that he was an extremely weak player. When he could not do the same in Big Brother 14, he manipulated everyone to think he was aligned with them, as he made one of the best Big Brother moves of all time in Dan’s Funeral.

If he played in the modern game, he would have been approached to join the majority alliance, since he was very personable. He would also make everyone who wasn’t in the majority alliance believe they had an ally in him.

Libra Thompson – Big Brother 10

Libra was an interesting player on Big Brother 10. She had a lot of ups and downs, but she would have a good shot if she played in recent seasons.

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Libra ran the house with her alliance with Keesha and April for the first few evictions. The alliance disbanded when Libra and Keesha voted out Jessie, against April’s wishes. She was voted out as the first member of the jury. Libra would not just be in the majority alliance in today’s game, but she would be the one to start it. Even though she was a high-profile player, she would be smart enough to know when to take charge and gather the troops.

Jordan Lloyd – Big Brother 11 & 13

Jordan won Big Brother 11 and made it final four in Big Brother 13. Her strong social game would have made her an impact player in modern Big Brother. Jordan used her sound social game to not make many enemies as Jordan was one of the best Big Brother winners.

She was not the most physical but remained loyal to her allies for both seasons. Her charming personality would have found her right in the middle of the majority alliance, and her loyal gameplay would get her far in modern Big Brother.

Hayden Moss – Big Brother 12

Hayden won Big Brother 12 due to his advanced physical gameplay, which won him four HOHs. Hayden had a lot of power in the house, so people would approach him to make deals. Hayden was in one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother history, The Brigade. He was one of the youngest Big Brother winners ever at 24 years old. He also was only on the block twice throughout the season.

Hayden won the first HOH and that is when The Brigade was formed. Something similar could happen if he played in today’s game, he could win the first HOH and then the majority alliance could be brought to him. He would just have to stay out of a showmance, something he was not able to do in Big Brother 12.

Danielle Murphree – Big Brother 14

Danielle was on Big Brother 14 and made it to the final three. She was aligned with Dan and was very loyal to him. Danielle got Janelle out in week 5 when she was HOH which was one of the biggest moves of the season.

Her best attribute is her loyalty. She was one hundred percent committed to Dan throughout the season. She even took him off the block, which enabled him to blindside her showmance, Shane. She would have this same loyalty to the majority alliance and this will take her to at least the jury portion of the game where her loyalty will then be tested.

Judd Daugherty – Big Brother 15

Judd was on the highly controversial season 15 of Big Brother. He was well-liked by his houseguests and America as he was in the final three for America’s favorite player. Judd played a more reserved game for the first few weeks. Since there was a lot of drama in the house, Judd wanted to lie low and not get involved. He was blindsided at a double eviction but later won his way back into the game.

Judd had a good social game and could also hold his own in competitions, so he would have been recruited to join a majority alliance in today’s game. When it would be time to take out their own, Judd would be in a good position to last a few weeks.

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