Animal Crossing: 10 Memes That Make Us Love The Original Game Even More

The seasons are changing and so is Animal Crossing, as New Horizon is expected to bring in a new collection of bugs, fish, and deep sea creatures. That’s not all, players are also expecting some exciting special events to appear this September. The new update is reminding players just how much they love the game, and its franchise.

Animal Crossing has been developed by Nintendo since 2001, making the franchise over 20 years old, and yet it still has a strong fan base of players. Whether the loyalty comes from the characters or the relaxing gameplay, it’s clear the love for the game is nowhere near dying.


10 The Gameplay

The gameplay in Animal Crossing is pretty simple. Players find fossils, catch bugs and if they have enough bells, they can decorate their homes. This simulation game is known for its relaxing gameplay, and yet players still enjoy every task available.

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There might not be magical or fantastical elements like in other games, but Animal Crossing fans find a way to keep themselves entertained with the gameplay. Sometimes decorating their island is enough to keep players entertained for hours and hours.

9 Fishing Sounds

In Animal Crossing, fishing is a vital task, whether that be to donate to Blathers, or to sell off for some bells. It’s a skill worth learning and luckily for players, the game helps them out with some tips.

Every player knows these vital fishing steps, watch the fish bob, feel for the device’s vibration, and most importantly, hear out for that vital sound of a fish’s bite. It takes patience and making looking silly, but a big fish is worth a lot of bells.

8 Midnight Strolls

Just like other life simulation games, Animal Crossing runs in real-time. If it’s 10AM for the player, it’s 10AM for the villagers, so with any midnight gaming players find themselves wandering the island alone and in the dark.

It may not be the best for any night owls, but just like players, the Animal Crossing villagers need their sleep too. But wandering the island at night can be just as fun, fortunately for players, the bugs and fish don’t have a bedtime.

7 Animal Crossing Music

Just like any other game, the soundtrack is an important building block to a game and Animal Crossing is no different. Each expansion of the franchise has its own soundtrack, and each time and weather condition has its own theme.

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The 7AM theme may be popular within the Animal Crossing fandom, but by no means is everyone on board. Debates on which time period has the best song happen across every platform. One thing is for sure though, every player agrees that the overall soundtrack is a hard one to beat.

6 Isabelle News Reports

Every player knows the routine. Turn on your device, wait for the game to load and for one of the most beloved Animal Crossing characters to appear on the screen. Isabelle is the head of the Civic Consultation Counter, and she’s always ready to give players updates.

However, on an average Animal Crossing day, there’s not much to report. Isabelle still opens a game with a news report, happy as ever, ready to tell players nothing. But players can’t complain, she brings joy to her announcement, whether it’s special or not.

5 Island Presentation

A player’s pride and joy is their island. In Animal Crossing, players start from nothing and then build their way up to better and bigger things, the presentation of the island included. Getting started on an island takes time and effort.

However, even with over 300 hours of gameplay, players can still find themselves unhappy with their island design. It is a daunting challenge to figure out the design and layout, so there’s nothing wrong with players taking their time to customize their island in the right way.

4 Tarantula Money

Animal Crossing‘s currency is bells, and just like money in any game, it’s a vital part to progress forward. Players get bells mostly through selling bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit that they gather around their island, but like everything, each item is worth differently.

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Fish is a great way to gather those all-important bells, but any experienced player knows the most valuable catch is a tarantula. If arachnaphobia is not an issue, then catching a few of those pesky tarantulas can make a player’s wallet very big.

3 Tom Nook And His Crimes

Since the beginning of the Animal Crossing games, Tom Nook has been a demanding raccoon. While he may be a funny character in the game, his money demands are immoral. He begins the game helping players settle into their new lives, giving them a rundown of island life, but it’s not long until he’s asking for money.

Tom Nook’s bills stack up high. To upgrade a house, it’ll cost players a fortune. Some have had enough and are ready to enact revenge on the man himself. The only way to lower Tom Nook’s crazy prices is for a revolution.

2 Gulliver’s Appearances

Gulliver is a bird that washes upon the shore from time to time. Players have the chance to wake him up and help him find his communication device, and in return he will reward them with a present.

The first time Gulliver appearances in the game it’s all new. But after many, many visits from the seagull, his repetitive rambles just aren’t worth the hassle to skip through. So it’s better leave the bird to rest alone.

1 Net Attacks

There are currently 397 available villagers in the Animal Crossing franchise. Of course, everyone has their favorites, so when an island can only hold a certain number of villagers, players have their perfect neighbors in mind.

However, the random draw of villagers is not always in someone’s favor, and they end up with a villager they’re not quite fond of. A well-known tip on getting a villager to move out is to hit them regularly with a net, making them angry and more likely to leave.

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