10 Must-Play Video Games For Fans Of Prey (2022)

With the Predator’s triumphant return to cinema in the recent smash-hit film Prey, fans of the franchise may be itching to step into the exciting world of the movie. Video games have come a long way in recreating the exciting action of movies, and some great games have a similar tone to the new film.

From dinosaur survival games such as Dino Crisis to spine-tingling horror thrillers such as Alien: Isolation, some games capture the cat-and-mouse vibe of Prey. Though plenty of games are similar to the movie, only the best are worth picking up and will give gamers a truly exhilarating experience.


Friday The 13th (2017)

The slasher exploits of Jason Voorhees have graced video games before, but never had he been so well executed as in Friday the 13th. The arena-style game casts players as either counselors or as the infamous killer himself, and they must complete a series of tasks within a time limit to win the game.

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Like the Predator in Prey, Voorhees is an almost unstoppable foe, and it takes all the player’s wits and skills to defeat him. On top of the survival horror aspects, gamers playing as Jason get a chance to turn the tables on their opponents and deliver stunning kills.

Alien Vs Predator (1999)

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Alien vs Predator pits the mortal enemies against each other with the space marines trapped in the middle. Taking control of one of the three factions, the game features three separate campaigns that each involve different objectives and goals.

The FPS nature of the game makes it a harrowing experience to go through, and each faction has their own strengths and weaknesses. On top of the survival horror, the action of the game is exciting and fast-paced and rivals some of the scariest video games of the ’90s.

Dino Crisis (1999)

Like a mix between Jurassic Park and Doom, the classic survival horror game Dino Crisis is an exciting experience with a frightening twist. While attempting to recover a rogue scientist on a remote island, a team of special agents find themselves face to face with prehistoric monsters.

Celebrated for its cutting edge gameplay, Dino Crisis is still very much a product of its time when it comes to a fixed camera angle and somewhat clunky controls. Aside from that, the primordial nature of the game is reminiscent of Prey, and the player always feels somewhat helpless when fighting against the game’s many dinosaurs.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (2020)

Generally considered one of the best Resident Evil games of all time, the third installment in the series added a new spin on the formula. Two special agents must escape the confines of Raccoon City as a viral outbreak turns its citizens into dangerous zombies.

On top of the usual missions and enemies, the player is constantly pursued by Nemesis, a dangerous villain who is intent on destroying them. The sudden appearances of Nemesis gives the player the sense of being hunted, and constant danger hangs over every moment. Whether the player is enjoying the original or the remake, both games deliver the same sensational terror.

Alien: Isolation (2014)

Like the Predator series of films, the Alien franchise has had its fair share of amazing games as well. Alien: Isolation follows Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the film’s main protagonist, as she explores the outer reaches of space and comes face to face with a deadly Xenomorph.

Giving the player no way to defend themselves, the game tasks them with using stealth and strategy to avoid being gobbled up. Because of this, the gameplay experience is utterly horrifying, and it is the perfect game for players who don’t get scared easily. Like Naru in Prey, it is a battle of brains versus brawn in a fight for survival.

Monster Hunter (2004)

If the Predator is more up the player’s alley, then the underrated classic Monster Hunter is more their speed. The game casts the player as a new monster hunter who must traverse the landscape completing missions that involve slaying or capturing mythical monsters.

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Like the Predator’s intergalactic sport hunts, the missions in Monster Hunter involve all sorts of finesse to complete. Though slaying beasts is the primary objective, some missions involve collecting items or taking monsters alive instead of dead. Though the game is known to be punishingly difficult, it does have a dedicated fanbase that loves the challenge.

Hunt: Showdown (2019)

Though Hunt: Showdown features two distinct modes of gameplay, it is the “Bounty Hunt” mode that is perfect for a Prey fanatic. In the game, the user takes control of a bounty hunter who is dropped into the remotest parts of the wilderness to kill and claim the bounty of a mythical beast.

Working alone or in pairs, the player must use their cunning to ascertain the location of the beast, and it takes everything in their power to defeat it before it defeats the player. Because of the steep difficulty and online component, gamers can still get hours of enjoyment out of the game.

Far Cry Primal (2016)

Though not necessarily in the same vein as Prey, Far Cry Primal was a sharp left turn for the franchise and introduced prehistoric survival elements. The user takes control of Takkar a young member of the tribe who slowly gains more importance in the community with their ability to tame animals.

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Everything and everyone is an enemy in the game, and day-to-day survival is just as big a concern as traditional combat. Going against enemies that are much larger than the player is reminiscent of the dynamic of Prey, and the game offers a variety of challenges that keeps the gameplay fresh.

Turok (1997)

Generally considered one of the best dinosaur games of all time, Turok blended elements of science fiction and fantasy in with its action. Taking control of Turok, a Native American warrior, the player travels back in time to stop the evil Campaigner from breaking down the barrier between realms.

Exploring the primordial world of the game will look mighty familiar to fans of Prey, and there is a certain wildness present between both pieces of media. The FPS elements are fluid for a game from the ’90s, and the variety of dinosaur and alien enemies keeps the player engaged as they work their way through the story.

Predator: Hunting Ground (2020)

Though the Predator was usually featured in games with his arch-nemesis the Xenomorph, Predator: Hunting Grounds put the classic character in a modern gaming of his own. The multiplayer game casts the player as either a mercenary or as the Predator himself, where a team must complete a certain mission before time runs out.

Playing as the team of mercenaries is an exhilarating experience, and the variety of different tasks keeps things from getting redundant. As the Predator though, the game really shines in bringing the experience of the film series to life like never before. Like any online multiplayer game, the experience is largely based on the other players, but the gameplay is almost always top-notch.

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