10 Most Overrated PlayStation 2 Games, According To Reddit

Though modern games such as Elden Ring and Stray are pushing the boundaries of gaming to new heights, some gamers can’t help but look back on the excellent titles of the past. While the PlayStation 2 is one of the best consoles of all time, some a few of its most celebrated titles are overhyped.

Whether it is beloved sequels such as Resident Evil 4 or original titles like Bully, even the best games of all time have their detractors. Users on Reddit took to the site to mention the PlayStation 2 games that they feel get too much love.


Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (2001)

No franchise is perfect over an extended period of time, but the Ace Combat series was one of the best to span every generation of Playstation console. User weeweechoochoo recognized the unorthodox nature of their opinion when they said “I always thought ace combat was overrated but I think that’s a pretty unpopular opinion”.

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With its fourth installment landing on the PlayStation 2, fans of the franchise got the opportunity to play their favorite arcade flying action with enhanced gameplay. Though it wasn’t for everyone, the high-flying and intuitive gameplay was a hit with critics and casual gamers alike.

Ico (2001)

While other games were trying to go bigger and more complex, Ico aimed to strip away everything that distracted from the plot. User yoshi314 was less than impressed with the game when they said, “It’s fun to have a big world to play around with, but it sucks that it lacks substance”.

Critically, Ico is considered one of the best story-driven PlayStation 2 games of all time, but that doesn’t mean it had appeal for everyone. The simplicity of the game turns some away, but its beautiful design and thoughtful story have garnered it a huge following since its release. Its sequel, Shadow of the Colossus is also a highlight of the PS2’s vast catalog.

Resident Evil 4 (2005)

Making a sharp left turn towards a more action-oriented tone, Resident Evil 4 was the shot in the arm that the franchise needed to stay relevant. A deleted user expressed multiple opinions when they said of the game, “RE4 is overrated and RE5 is the better game of the two games”.

Even though most fans were expecting the typical atmospheric chills of the preceding games, RE 4 blazed its own path and actually inspired many games that followed. Even so, its sudden change left a lot of fans feeling left out, and its emphasis on more traditional action has been a common sticking point in the fandom.

Star Wars Battlefront (2004)

Video games based on the Star Wars franchise are almost always winners, and Star Wars Battlefront is certainly one of the best adaptations of all. However, user freemason140 took an entirely different tack with the game. When asked which PlayStation 2 title was the most overrated, they simply responded, “Star wars battle front”

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While a lot of fans and critics agree that the first game pales in comparison to its immediate sequel, Battlefront represents fond memories for the many gamers that played it. The simple objectives of the missions kept the gameplay fresh, and nearly two decades after its release it is still an enjoyable game to pick up and play.

Half-Life (2001)

While none of Half-Life‘s ports ever rose to the heights that the PC version did, the PS2 game still holds up today. User RyFly95 wasn’t afraid to go against the grain of popular sentiment when they said they “just couldn’t ever get into” the Half-Life series.

Known for its fiercely original storyline and gameplay mechanics, Half-Life is a unique specimen because it hasn’t been matched by many games since. Originality isn’t always a good thing though, as its off-the-wall concepts might be too much for casual gamers to grapple with.

Shadow Of The Colossus (2005)

Open-world games were in their infancy during the PS2 era, and Shadow of the Colossus was one of the first games to truly show what the genre could be. Despite this, user Muxxer couldn’t get much out of it, writing, “I played it and I couldn’t find anything really cool about it”.

Taken in retrospect, Shadow doesn’t stand up to modern open-world adventure titles like Skyrim. However, it is impossible to overstate how influential and groundbreaking it was back in the early-’00s. Even if it is dated, the beautiful game design and intelligent NPCs make the game a consistently riveting experience throughout.

Silent Hill 3 (2003)

Even if its immediate predecessor is considered one of the best horror games of all time, Silent Hill 3 was nothing to shake a stick at. User Wachenroder had mixed feelings about the game. They commented, “It certainly didn’t measure up to the praise it received”.

Following the second game wasn’t going to be easy, but the creepy story and consistent gameplay meant that the third installment certainly wasn’t a step back. It was immediately beloved because of its association with the franchise, but even two decades later it is obvious that Silent Hill 3 had all the chills and thrills of the first two games.

Bully (2006)

Rockstar has never backed away from an ambitious idea, and with Bully, they brought the open-world madness of their Grand Theft Auto series into a school setting. When asked which PS2 game they thought was woefully overrated, user Tink2013 wrote succinctly, “The game Bully”.

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Even though it left some parents outraged, Bully was a critical darling that has garnered a rabid following since its release. The objectives were unique and challenging, and there was something humorous about getting into illegal high jinks inside a preppy boarding school. With recent remasters, it is obvious that gamers haven’t gotten enough of Bully yet.

Final Fantasy X (2001)

The entirety of the Final Fantasy series is divisive among die-hard fans, but the tenth installment in the saga is generally regarded as a high point. When writing about the game, user CJHarts wrote, “I really didn’t care about any of the characters or what happened or how it ended”.

Being sold on the story and characters is a big part of enjoying the FF games, and many were sucked in by the narrative and gameplay. Though opinions are split on the overall difficulty of X, it is often recognized as one of the stronger entries and is usually seen as a great starting point for newbies.

Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Offering fans a mashup of Final Fantasy and recognizable Disney properties, Kingdom Hearts was one of the most ambitious games in history. User Linkums thought the game was quite overrated when they commented, “It has repetitive gameplay and a plot that never goes anywhere toward anything like a conclusion”.

Admittedly, hack-and-slash style games can very often grow stale after a while, but Kingdom Hearts finds a way to avoid that pitfall. Each level is a fresh start, and it is fascinating to see which Disney realm will be brought into the game. Considering it has kicked off a massive franchise of its own, the original Kingdom Hearts was absolutely doing something right.

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