10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Bethesda

QuakeCon was held online between the 18 and 20 of August and fans of Betheseda rejoiced at the event’s contests, talks, giveaways, and news, among other exciting things. The company has gathered thousands of faithful followers since the creation and publishing of successful titles such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Doom and next year fans will be able to play their awaited new titles:Starfield and Redfall.

Bethesda is known for enhancing gaming experiences and innovating gameplay. Their games thrill in high ratings by gamers and video game platforms, and they have won more than a couple of “game of the year awards” with their multiple extraordinary titles. But as much as they became one of the most accomplished game development studios in history, Bethesda is not free from fans that like to laugh at some of their most notorious traits with hilarious memes that could sum up the company.


10 Skyrim Re-Launchers

Skyrim became one of the best video games that have ever been created. Its exciting open world, wonderful landscapes, endless missions, and gameplay liberty made the fifth title of The Elder Scrolls a groundbreaking masterpiece, and Bethesda seems to not want to let its precious game go.

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It’s been more than a decade since Skyrim first launched, however, Bethesda keeps releasing new upgrades, and just recently the special edition was made available for Nintendo Switch; which has made them look like Sheen showing off Ultra Lord for the seventh time to Ms. Fowl in Jimmy Neutron.

9 Engine Reusers

Many have criticized Bethesda’s Creation Engine and have pointed out the urgent need for them to upgrade it, but most are being harsh on the company, considering that many other developers with the most popular open worlds games use old engines and do not get criticized about it.

However, Bethesda has listened to the fan’s complaints and for their upcoming game, Starfield, they have improved their engine. These changes will probably have a positive impact on the company and hopefully, fans will be pleased with them on next year’s releases.

8 Fan Pleaser

Despite them occasionally falling on their fan’s bad side, Bethesda usually does its best to hear to their fanbase, and no other fan of their community has been more loved and praised than Shirley Curry, better known as Skyrim Grandma.

Her followers started a petition to add her as a character in the game, and Bethesda promised to add her as an NPC in The Elder Scrolls VI, which would add Curry to the list of famous people in Skyrim. As a beloved member of the community, Skyrim fans can’t wait to have her included.

7 Sneaky

In 2018 Bethesda had a severe issue with Fallout 76 and some players witnessed their entire beta data deleted because of a bug. Bethesda is known for having multiple bugs on their launches, and many made fun of the accident by saying that this bug accidentally downloaded Skyrim.

Fallout 76 has been widely considered one of the worst Bethesda games and it disappointed more than a few fans. The director and executive producer of Bethesda, Todd Howard, has definitely pulled plenty of little bug sneaks throughout all their games, but this game definitely stood out because of it, which is as regrettable as it is funny.

6 Feature Makers

Many fans point out that Bethesda has a certain attitude towards the multiple bugs that can be found in their games. A lot of the time, instead of fixing them, they imply that it is not a bug but a feature. Many like to make fun of this, however, plenty of companies do the same.

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While some criticize it, others admit that it is fun to encounter any of these “features” and that it makes the gaming experience more amusing and wholesome. Every Fallout or Elder Scrolls player has had a better day when something odd happens because of a bug, and their games would not be the same without them.

5 Bought By Microsoft

In 2020, Bethesda’s pieces became one of the many video games Microsoft now surprisingly has the rights to. Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s company bought Bethesda SoftWorks and all their games were added to their Xbox catalog, making them a fierce competitor to Playstation.

This acquisition may mean that Bethesda will no longer be allowed to launch or release games without fixing all their famous bugs, which probably made one or two members of Bethesda’s team cry about it like a kid that is forced to finish their homework.

4 Moved To Steam

It’s been a couple of rough years for Bethesda, and harshly so, some people have pointed out that they have failed in some important things. In April, Bethesda announced they were closing their web page to migrate to Steam, which many thought was due to its recent bad performance.

Given that they now belong to Microsoft and that Steam is one of the most successful video game distribution services their migration is understandable. However, it is a little bit funny how Steam seems to be so powerful that every company falls into their hands.

3 They Could Learn From CD Projekt

Many video game companies do exactly what CD Projekt decided not to do, so Bethesda and EA are not the only companies that are guilty of reacting like Thanos to Cyberpunk’s announcement. After all, what else could Bethesda do if Skyrim is still popular enough to be profitable?

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Nevertheless, it is exasperating how recently video game companies constantly charge their clients for things that should be included in the video game first place. In the old days, games would charge for a complete package and many are getting tired of new tendencies where players have to constantly pay for basic things.

2 Fallout Has All Their Attention

Fallout 3 came out in 2008 and since then Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 have been released. Skyrim, on the other hand, was released in 2011, and no other titles of The Elder Scrolls franchise have been launched as the meme points out.

The only thing fans have gotten since Skyrim has been a 37-second-long official announcement teaser in 2018, and it seems like the wait will still be long and that most fans, by the time it’s released, will be draughts.

1 Frequently In Trouble

The year Fallout 76 was released was tough for Bethesda and their faithful gamers. Within the endless bugs of the game, there was an especially infamous one that leaked customers’ personal data, and after so many failures, fans could just plead for Bethesda to stop embarrassing itself.

While many felt bad for their beloved company, others pointed out how they deserved the trouble for being irresponsible. It seems Bethesda has learned from its failures and has chosen to delay the release date of Redfall and Starfield to make final improvements and avoid more scandal that gamers will use as an inspiration for hilarious memes.

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