10 Disney Stars On Cameo

Hallie Todd aka Lizzie’s mom on Lizzie McGuire is on cameo and fans are excited to be able to purchase a message from the actor behind the nostalgic and wholesome character.

Since the 1930s, Disney has been producing iconic characters that remain as beloved today as when they first appeared. Now, with the Disney+ streaming service, fans can watch their favorite characters over and over again. And because of sites like Cameo, people can surprise the Disney fans in their lives with a very special personalized message from their favorite star.


Chris Sarandon – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Chris Sarandon provided the speaking voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas (his singing voice was provided by composer Danny Elfman). Many millennials and GenZs grew up with the story of Jack Skellington and his Christmas gone wrong.

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Sarandon can be booked on Cameo for a video message starting at $99 and he has a 5-star rating on the platform. The average length of his recorded messages is just under a minute, and reviewers praise the speed with which he delivers the final product.

Kimberly J. Brown – Halloweentown (1998)

The Halloweentown franchise starred Kimberly J. Brown as Marnie Piper, the budding witch. The films aired every Halloween season on Disney Channel, creating legions of fans. Brown was in the first three Halloweentown movies opposite classic Hollywood actress, Debbie Reynolds.

She can be booked on Cameo for a video message starting at $80. She has a five-star rating, and records video messages with an average length of just over two minutes. Brown donates part of her proceeds from Cameo to Step Up Women’s Network Charity.

Kylee Russell – Zombies Franchise (2018 – )

Kylee Russell won audiences over as the passionate zombie activist Eliza in the Zombies franchise, including 2022’s Zombies 3. The series is very popular for its campy musical numbers and themes against prejudice. No matter how big or small Russell’s role as Eliza was in the franchise, she always made an impression.

Russell can be booked on Cameo to record a video message for Zombies fans starting at $50. She has a rating of 4.9 stars, and the average length of her recording is around 15 seconds. One happy reviewer said she was “thrilled to get a wonderful positive message from Kylee.”

Anneliese Van Der Pol – That’s So Raven / Raven’s Home (2003-)

Anneliese van der Pol is Chelsea Daniels, best friend to Raven. The character has grown up from a ditsy teenager on That’s So Raven to the voice of reason on the sequel series Raven’s Home.

She can be booked for a video message on Cameo from $75 and her average video length is a generous eight-plus minutes. She has a five-star rating from reviewers, one of whom said she “went above and beyond.”

David Henrie – Wizards Of Waverly Place (2007 – 2012)

David Henrie charmed audiences as the oldest Russo sibling with magical powers, Justin, on Wizards of Waverly Place. Justin Russo often butted heads with his younger sister, Alex, played by Selena Gomez.

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He has a 4.9-star rating, and can be booked through Cameo for a recorded video message starting at $79. The average video length is just over 30 seconds, and one reviewer said, “What an incredibly positive and uplifting Cameo video!” Henrie offers the extra bonus through Cameo of a five-minute live call for five people, available every Saturday.

Adassa – Encanto (2021)

Encanto, with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda has many unique members in the Family Madrigal and Adassa’s Delores is no exception. She stands out with her quiet personality – yet powerful hearing, and a seemingly unrequited crush on Mariano.

The Columbian actress and singer, Adassa, can be booked on Cameo starting at $52 for messages in either English or Spanish, and she has a 5-star rating. She does some video recordings in a costume based on her Encanto character, and even sings in some of the recordings.

Kathy Najimy – Hocus Pocus / Hocus Pocus 2 (1993 – 2022)

Kathy Najimy plays Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus and the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2. She was the comic relief of the Sanderson sisters trio, alongside Bette Midler as Winifred and Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah.

She can be booked on Cameo starting at $300 and has a 5-star rating with over 3,000 followers. She offers video message recordings that average over one and a half minutes in length. One reviewer said “Kathy absolutely rocked this Cameo and was so generous with her time, energy and talents.”

Jonathan Freeman – Aladdin / Return Of Jafar (1992 – 1994)

Jonathan Freeman has portrayed one of the most infamous classic Disney villains, the scheming Jafar in the original Aladdin, Return of Jafar, and Aladdin the Musical on Broadway. Freeman gave the role equal parts hamminess and menace and it was unusual that he had the opportunity to play the role in both the original animated movie and on stage.

Freeman has a 5-star rating on Cameo and over 1,000 followers. One reviewer said, “This was truly the most amazing thing I have ever received.” Another said, “He delivered everything I wanted and more!” Freeman can be booked on Cameo to record a video message from $50.

Ernie Sabella – The Lion King Franchise (1994 – )

Ernie Sabella has a career spanning over 40 years and has made generations of children happy with his role as the comedic warthog Pumbaa in The Lion King franchise.

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Sabella’s Cameo page says that he will “sing a verse of Hakuna Matata and tell stories about the making of the movie The Lion King!” if requested, starting at $45. He has a 5-star rating, over 1,000 followers, and recorded messages average just under three minutes.

Jim Cummings – Winnie The Pooh Franchise (1983 – )

Jim Cummings is a prolific voice artist with many roles to his name, both Disney and non-Disney. His most memorable role is Winnie the Pooh, which he has voiced since 1983. Cummings makes the iconic bear seem soft, cuddly, and lovable. He’s also known for voicing Darkwing Duck, Tigger, and Kaa (Jungle Book 2), among many others.

Cummings offers recorded video messages featuring stuffed Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. His recordings average over 1.5 minutes, and he has a 5-star Cameo rating with over 5,000 followers. Cummings can be booked on Cameo for a recorded video message starting at $169. One reviewer said, “You did an awesome performance. She cried tears of joy!”

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