10 Best TV Shows To Watch On Hulu This Month (Updated September 2022)

For years, Hulu has been one of the most popular streaming services around. It offers some incredible movies and television shows, which frequently rotate to keep the selection fresh. Hulu subscribers have plenty of great content to choose from, some of which debuted recently and other titles that will be arriving on the platform soon.

Because of the range of genres available, viewers will have the opportunity to watch incredible content on a variety of subjects. There is always an excellent choice regardless of viewers’ tastes. Whether fans of the streaming service are looking for anticipated new seasons of their favorite, or the most talked-about new series Hulu has something for everyone in September.


Tell Me Lies (2022)

Based on the best-selling novel, Tell Me Lies promises to reel viewers in with intrigue and danger. The show follows a young woman who begins a relationship with a charming man while at college only for their romance to turn into an obsession that threatens them both.

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These types of taut and intense dramas are always a fascination with audiences. Tell Me Lies looks to be a dark and captivating relationship story with plenty of dark secrets to be revealed.

Monarch (2022)

There have been several movies about country music in the past, but it is not a subject often featured on television. Monarch looks to explore that world as the new series premieres this month. Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon stars as the matriarch of a country music family who is trying to leave a lasting legacy while her family members deal with living in her spotlight.

The show looks to combine aspects of Yellowstone, Succession, and prime-time soap operas. Fans of this world will surely want to tune in and having a legendary actor like Sarandon leading the ensemble is exciting.

The Kardashians (2022-)

While some audiences may have had enough of the celebrity family, there is no denying the fascination people have with the Kardashians. The new reality series continues to look at their life in the spotlight from family drama to romances to scandals.

With so many headlines dedicated to the Kardashians, there are surely many who will be eagerly awaiting the season 2 premiere. For some, it is a fascinating exploration of a celebrity lifestyle and for others, it is simply a guilty pleasure.

Abbott Elementary (2021-)

After its popular first season, many fans feel Abbott Elementary deserves plenty of Emmys already. And with the second season premiering in September (just in time for the back-to-school season) it is sure to only rise in popularity.

The show follows a group of teachers at an underfunded and dysfunctional public school who are nevertheless trying to give the young students a solid education. The sitcom is a funny, touching, and entertaining celebration of the hardworking teachers and has struck a chord with many audiences.

Bob’s Burgers (2011-)

September will see the premieres of several popular animated programs, from The Simpsons to Family Guy. But Bob’s Burgers may have more attention than ever thanks to its recent movie.

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There could be a lot of new fans joining the already die-hard viewers who are now looking for more adventures with the Belcher family. With the 13th season beginning this month, the show has already proved it ranks among those other beloved animated series.

Wedding Season (2022)

The new Hulu series Wedding Season will be airing its complete first season in September with a mix of adventure, murder mystery, comedy, and romance. The series follows a man who attempts to break up the wedding of the girl of his dreams only for them both to get caught up in a deadly plot.

With so many different aspects to juggle, it will be interesting to see how the show handles it all. But if it manages to pull it off, it could be the next fun show similar to Only Murders in the Building.

The Reboot (2022)

While the revival of beloved shows can be fun for fans, there have also resulted in some of the worst TV reboots ever. The new series The Reboot has some fun with this idea as it follows the reboot of a popular sitcom, bringing back the dysfunctional team behind the original.

The fun premise is backed up by a terrific cast including Keegan Michael-Key, Judy Greer, and Johnny Knoxville. And with the creators of Modern Family behind it, it is sure to be hilarious and have clever insight into the sitcom world.

Ramy (2019-)

Following a long absence, the comedy-drama series Ramy returns with its complete third season hitting Hulu in September. Starring Ramy Youssef, the show explores ideas ranging from relationships to religion to genders in funny and thoughtful ways.

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After such a long time since the last season, there is no doubt that fans will be eager to return to this story and its entertaining characters. The show also stars Moon Knight breakout actor May Calamawy as Ramy’s sister Dena.

Atlanta (2016-2022)

Shortly after airing its critically acclaimed third season, Atlanta returns one more time for its fourth and final season. The series will conclude the misadventures of Earn (Donald Glover) as he manages his rap star cousin Paper Boi.

Atlanta can go off the rails in the best way possible, making it one of the most unique and unpredictable shows on television. It is impossible to define but always compelling as it can be anything from shocking to thought-provoking to hilarious.

The Handmaid’s Tale (2017-)

September will also see the return of another acclaimed series with season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale premiering. The show continues to be a fascination for fans as its views of a dystopian society sadly feature aspects that feel familiar to the modern world.

The series has always been a difficult one to watch for some audiences as it is filled with pain and misery. Yet it is also a sharp and compelling story anchored by a commanding lead performance from Elizabeth Moss.

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