10 Best Shows Like Pantheon

Breaking into the world of adult sci-fi animation, AMC‘s newest series Pantheon explores the relationship between humanity and technology. Though not all of its contemporaries are animated, Pantheon is yet another in a long line of modern sci-fi that speaks to the human experience.

Whether it is anthology series like Black Mirror or comedies like Maniac, there is always more contemporary sci-fi to enjoy after finishing Pantheon. While the modern sci-fi genre is heavily saturated with new content, only the best shows had a unique vision like AMC’s new hit.


Tales From The Loop (2020-present)

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The best sci-fi usually has an unsettling edge to its technology, and Tales from the Loop has that in spades. The series follows the denizens of a town that live above a powerful machine known as “the Loop” that somehow brings scientific marvels to life.

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Similar to Pantheon, the series takes a lot of time to explore the connection between basic human needs and the ever-encroaching presence of technology. Deep questions are explored, and the series asks if progress is always a good thing.

Electric Dreams (2017-2018)

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The works of author Phillip K. Dick were an obvious inspiration to shows like Pantheon, and Electric Dreams is yet another product with PKD’s fingerprints all over it. The anthology series adapts the stories of the famed sci-fi master into individual episode-length installments.

Though plenty of Phillip K. Dick’s stories have been adapted into movies, his foray into TV was a perfect match. His unique vision of technology and its effect on humanity is just as poignant then as it is today, and Electric Dreams managed to find more meaning in his work for the 21st century.

Living With Yourself (2019)

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Though somewhat light on the sci-fi elements, Living With Yourself is still a classic science fiction premise with a comedic twist. A burned-out man goes to a health spa for an unorthodox treatment, and soon he finds that he’s been replaced with a better version of himself.

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Pantheon has none of the comedic flair of Living with Yourself, but the shows nevertheless deal with similar issues. Perception is at the forefront of both stories, and they each ask what essentially makes a person who they are. If the drama of Pantheon is too much to handle, Living with Yourself is a bingeworthy safety valve of sci-fi comedy.

Maniac (2018)

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In a lot of ways, science fiction is just science that hasn’t been discovered yet, and Maniac is all about cutting-edge experimentation. During the late stages of a new drug trial, two disparate participants are drawn together as they both seek a better life.

Replace an experimental drug with an experimental consciousness upload, and Pantheon actually has quite a bit in common with Maniac. Coming as one of the best Netflix miniseries in recent memory, the show treats drug experimentation like most sci-fi shows treat technology, and they both come to similar conclusions about using an outside influence to improve one’s life.

Altered Carbon (2018-2020)

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The fate of one’s consciousness is once again at the forefront of Altered Carbon, and it expresses similar horror on the subject as its successor in Pantheon. The series follows an ex-con who has his consciousness uploaded into a new body so that he may solve a murder and earn his freedom.

Generally considered one of the best sci-fi shows of the last decade, Altered Carbon establishes its own world of terminology that draws the viewer in immediately. While some sci-fi concepts are familiar, the show stands alone in that it uses its fictional science to tell one of the most compelling mysteries that also explores the ethics of the human consciousness.

Upload (2020-present)

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Science and the afterlife collide in a hilarious take on a classic sci-fi trope in the Amazon original series Upload. The story concerns a man who is able to choose his own afterlife after his consciousness is uploaded following his untimely demise.

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Unlike Pantheon, which chooses to approach the concept from a dramatic angle, Upload has a lot of fun exploring the nature of human existence. Despite its funny tone, the show still has a lot to say about life, death, and the persistence of humanity in the face of technological encroachment.

Undone (2019-present)

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Despite being more fantasy than sci-fi, Undone and Pantheon have a lot more in common than just being animated. The show follows a young woman who survives a major car accident only to find that she no longer has a normal relationship with time.

With ultra-realistic yet stylish animation, Undone is a visually arresting experience that stands as one of the best adult animation shows of all time. Existentialism is the major theme of both shows, and the struggles of one woman to find her place in the world is made all the more complicated by her surreal predicament.

Love Death + Robots (2019-present)

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Though sci-fi is a major part of the show, Love Death + Robots also delves into the realms of comedy, fantasy, and even horror. The show is told through a series of animated anthology shorts that tackle deeper themes through familiar genre tropes.

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Fans who were drawn to Pantheon because of its animated nature will absolutely love the artistic design of Love Death + Robots. While the sudden genre shifts can be jarring from episode to episode, there is enough to each story to keep every type of TV fan enthralled.

Devs (2020)

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Pantheon makes a very personal story out of the classic sci-fi trope of dehumanization through technology, and Devs also uses its story to explore those themes. The series follows a woman who investigates a secretive tech company that may be behind the disappearance of her boyfriend.

Because it was specifically designed as a miniseries, the entirety of the story is beautifully encapsulated in one season. What helps to elevate Devs above many of its sci-fi contemporaries is that it is still very much a mystery story that slowly unravels throughout.

Black Mirror (2011-2019)

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Much in the same way that shows like Tales from the Crypt and Twilight Zone revolutionized the anthology format, Black Mirror gave the genre a much-needed sci-fi twist. Each episode tells a story regarding the negative connection between people and technology that more or less ruins their lives.

Far from a utopian piece of sci-fi, Pantheon feels very much like an extended story from the Black Mirror universe. Though some stories missed the mark, most episodes held close to the series’ central theme and offered a thought-provoking view on the possibilities of humanity’s technological future.

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