10 Best New Movies To Watch On Hulu This Month (Updated October 2022)

One of the best things about the proliferation of streaming services is that it has ensured that many movies that might have slipped out of the limelight have another chance to be seen by audiences. Though it has always been known for bringing many television series to those who enjoy binge-watching, Hulu has increasingly become a home for some of the best movies out there.

There are quite a few very enjoyable movies from a wide variety of genres set to premiere on the streaming service over the next month. Movie fans can enjoy some brand-new projects, old favorites, and plenty of Halloween offerings on Hulu this October.



With many audiences likely looking for some Halloween fun in October, Hulu has a number of enticing horror movies to choose from, including the new release Grimcutty. It focuses on an internet meme that parents believe is driving their teens to harm themselves. But when the memes terrifying creature comes to life, the children must fend it off themselves.

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It is an interesting premise that brings the typical creature feature into the social media age. There could also be some clever commentary on the divide between parents and kids when it comes to online activity.

Blade (1998)

Though fans are eagerly awaiting Mahershala Ali’s take on Marvel’s vampire hunter, they can look back and enjoy Wesley Snipes’ bring Blade to life for the first time. Snipes is iconic as the “Daywalker” who takes on a powerful and ambitious vampire named Deacon Frost.

Blade was such a hit that it became the rare comic book movie that actually influenced comics themselves. All these later, it stands up as a terrific action movie and offers something different than modern superhero adventures.

Matriarch (2022)

Another creepy Hulu original fans can enjoy this Halloween season is Matriarch. Like Grimcutty, it is a horror movie focusing on the relationship between children and their parents, though looks to be a more psychological horror story.

The movie follows a woman who, after experiencing an overdose, returns to her childhood home and her overbearing mother where she is confronted by horrors from her past and new horrors in the small town. It looks to mix an intense family drama with some unsettling horror aspects.

Crimes Of The Future (2022)

David Cronenberg is a filmmaker who never shies away from challenging his audience with daring and provocative movies. This includes Crimes of the Future, a haunting sci-fi movie that imagines a future in which humans begin mutating to adapt to their synthetic environments.

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Cronenberg delivers the kind of uncomfortable yet compelling filmmaking he’s known for with a cast including Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart. While it was largely overlooked upon its release earlier this year, this is the chance for audiences to discover it.

The Abyss (1989)

With Avatar 2 on the horizon, many fans will likely be revisiting the iconic filmography of filmmaker James Cameron. Those fans are in luck because one of Cameron’s most underrated movies will soon be hitting Hulu.

The Abyss follows a civilian diving team who are recruited to search for a lost submarine only to encounter a strange alien life in the depths of the ocean. While The Abyss might not be one of James Cameron’s most rewatchable movies, it is still a thrilling sci-fi adventure that seems to get better with age.

I Saw The Devil (2010)

South Korea is responsible for some of the best horror and thriller movies of the 21st century and I Saw the Devil ranks near the top of that list. The story follows an agent whose family is targeted by a serial killer. He then hunts the man down and proceeds to capture and release him to prolong his revenge.

The brutal and intense movie will likely be too much for some audiences, but it is a brilliant entry into the genre with some thought-provoking themes as well.

The French Dispatch (2021)

Wes Anderson is a filmmaker with passionate fans who all eagerly await his newest projects. Last year’s The French Dispatch didn’t disappoint many of those fans as it offered a charming, funny, and touching collection of stories.

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The movie focuses on the titular newspaper made up of expatriate journalists and chronicles some of its most famous stories. The star-studded cast includes Anderson regulars like Bill Murray and Frances McDormand as well as some stand-out new members of his ensemble, like Timothee Chalamet and Jeffrey Wright.

Fright Night (2011)

Though it was not a box office success when it was first released, Fright Night is seen by many fans as a horror remake that’s better than the original. It stars Anton Yelchin as a young teen who discovers that his new neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a powerful vampire.

Farrell seems to be having a lot of fun playing this bad guy role and is extremely entertaining. The movie also features a stellar supporting cast including Toni Collette and David Tennant, as well as plenty of scares.

Rosaline (2022)

Though there have been a number of great Shakespeare adaptations over the years, Rosaline takes an interesting approach to perhaps the writer’s most famous work. Kaitlyn Dever stars as the titular character, a young woman who Romeo fell in love with before Juliet.

The romantic comedy follows Rosaline’s attempts to break up the two doomed lovers and win Romeo back. It is a clever take on the material and could provide for some big laughs for fans of the rom-com genre.

Hellraiser (2022)

While many fans like revisiting their favorite horror movies this time of the year, Hulu is also delivering a retelling of a genre classic. Hellraiser is a remake of Clive Barker’s twisted tale of the sadistic Cenobites unleashed from Hell to torment their victims.

The new version of the story follows a young woman looking into the disappearance of her brother which leads her to the evil forces, led by Pinhead (Jamie Clayton). While it remains to be seen if the movie can live up to the original, it seems like the perfect horror treat for fans to check out.

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